Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jesse Martin

This is our entry in the Manaiakalani Film Festival.
Last term we were learning about Mighty Mariners and our group had to research Leif Erickson and present what we had found out. This is the movie we made about him.
Litia, Rita, Shoal and Vivienne. (Thanks also to Starford for the Eric the Red graphic.

Leif Erikson from KPE TV on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Refection for 2010

This year for my refection the thing I enjoyed was going to camp because that was my first time and there were lots of activities to do. Also the first activity we did was kayaking and I really enjoyed it. I have enjoyed learning about Mighty Mariners because I learnt all about old sailors and some new ones two like Jesse Martin. The thing I would like to do most of was art because I would like to get better at drawing and painting, and the more I practice the more I get better at it. I also think that I could work harder at Goggle apps like my writing and stuff on the computer. Sometimes I would talk to other people and I would not get my work finished. Next time I would try to put more post on my blog. Some of my best memories were the sports I played because I was with my friends. The sport that my friend and I played the most was netball because we were good at it. I wish that my Friend and I could soon be a silver fern. My goals for next year are to do my best in writing because I’m not really good at writing and I could get better at writing if I practice and practice.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pike River Mine Memorial Service

Yesterday we were watching the pike river mine memorial service. It was really sad that 29 men died. There were 29 table's all lined up and those 29 table's represented the 29 men's that died. All of the family that were related to the men put on stuff that was important to them. Also Australia gave them machinery to try and find the body. New Zealand gathered at the Omoto racecourse on the 2nd of December to pay their respect.

Many tried to find their body but they have not found them. Family's feel like to just go and get their body's but because it is to dangerous they can not go.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yr 5 extension 'Rewind'

As you all know I'm in the year 5 extension group at Pt England school. Last mouth we had a film festival. Do you know what a film festival is? Well it is when our school cluster makes a movie, and thats not all, we get to show it to everyone!!! This year our movie's were shown at Sylvia park hoyts. We got to watch other school's movie's too!!!!

One of the movie's were St Pius. Their movie was about a song but they had to do it backwards and then rewind it to make it look like they did it forward. Their movie made us want to do the same thing so Rita, Shoal, Litia and Myself made a movie about Purua to Potea. That means to put your hat on. Thats one of our Korero's. Our movie was really easy compared to St Pius because our movie was only about 30 seconds and St Pius was 3 minutes. I hope you like our movie about Purua to Potea.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Soccer and a minibeast

Hi my name is Vivienne and I'm in extension at Pt England school. This term we are learning about little critter (insect) In extension we had to pick a pick a person from a sport. For example if I chose netball I would pick Maria Tutaia. Then I would compare her to an insect. The sport I chose was soccer and the person I chose was Chris Jackson. This is what my movie is about and I hope you enjoy it. Try and guess what insect I chose.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


On Tuesday the lucky year 7’s received their netbooks. The netbook roll out has started so that means that every child from year 5-13 is getting one in our Tamaki cluster schools. The year 7's are the first people in our school to get their own netbook . They were all excited. I can’t wait to get my own netbook next year.

The benefit of the netbook is that we can work on our podcast, go on goggle docs and visit peoples blogs. You can also go on during the holidays. Since it is wireless you can work on it anywhere and anytime.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First week of swiming

“This is so cold” I told my friend Litia, as I put on my damp and clammy life jacket. Chris helped me pick a life jacket for me.Luckily it fitted snugly. Eagerly waiting to go in the pool I kept fidgeting around.

Chris is from the water safety NZ. He came to teach room15 about water safety. The portable pool he brought with him, is on the courts, which means you can move it from school to school.

As I hopped in the pool my teeth chattered and I shivered and shook.To make me warm I tried out the help position.The help position is one of the water safety tips. I floated on my back and I put my arms like a cross.

Latter on we had to get in a circle. When we were all connected we slowly put our legs up and floated. Chris gently rotated us and said “ This time you have to sing the National Anthem” As we sang Chris told us to turn down the volume down because we were out of tune and our voices sounded like thunder. “Finally we are finished” I said in my head as the song ended.

At the end we all hopped out of the pools, and we had to stay in the sun to be dry. I can’t wait to go in the pool again. It was fun. THE END

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Scientists classify the animal kingdom into different categories. The two main categories are Vertebrate and Invertebrate.

Vertebrates have backbones such as birds,reptiles,amphibian,fish and mammals. Did you know humans are mammals because they have a backbone ,they are warm blooded and when they are young their mother feeds them milk?

Invertebrates have no backbones and make up 97% of the animal kingdom. They are comprised of 7 groups. Arthropods- exoskeleton, annelida- worms and molluscs- soft bodied. Those are 3 of the groups.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Christchurch EARTHQUAKE

At 4:00a.m on Saturday morning there was a complete surprise when an earthquake struck Christchurch. It was a complete surprise because there wasn’t any warning and it wasn’t on the major fault line. It measured up to 7.1 on the Richter scale.

The earthquake caused extensive damage and caused one person have a heart attack and sadly die. There were massive cracks on buildings and especially on the ground. Old buildings were unstable which made them collapse and even split apart. The whole city was littered with glass, bricks and rubble.

It was dangerous during and after the earthquake. People had to evacuate from their house so they won’t get hurt. Things were crashing on cars such as chimneys and rubble. Unfortunately the earthquake caused there to be no water and electricity.

I feel really sad for the people who were in the earthquake. If I was in the earthquake I would feel scared especially if it came without any warning. I hope the people in Christchurch rebuild their lives.


Blackbeard a notorious but courageous pirate started his pirating career at 1716. Sadly he struck terror in the hearts of sailors and villagers with his raiding of ships. Some say Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach.

Blackbeard braided his beard to make him look crazy. He wore scruffy clothes helping create a menacing appearance. His knives and pistols were strapped around his waist, ready to fight.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prize Giving

On Saturday the year 5’s and 4’s had prize giving over at the netball court. My aunty and uncle drove me to school and then went back home. At school I got change to my netball uniform with Oshania,Mary and Rita. When we were finish Oshania asked Miss T (Coach) ,“ Can I go to the courts with my aunty?” Miss T replied ,“Yes you can. Where is she?” “Outside” Oshania said. Then Oshania asked me and Mary to come with her.

“Finally, were here” I said to Mary as we entered the netball courts. We met Litia and Ramona at the courts. They were eating ice block. They said to me,Oshania and Mary to go and get some, its for free. Mary was going to get one but Mrs Nua said to get it latter. I looked at all the trophy’s. It was then time for us to go down and find a spot for us to sit in.

The lady was talking in the microphone to every one. The only person we were waiting for was Mele. Latter she came but she was the only person from our team that wasn’t wearing her netball uniform. It was the year 4’s turn to go up. Litia was cheering hard out. I then realised that if you were a runner up you only get a certificate but if you were a winner you get a trophy. Our team were runners up and Holy cross were the winners.

It was our turn to go up and they handed our certificates to us. I was happy that we got something. When it was finish we took a team photo and then we took one with Miss T and Mrs Jarman. The last photo was my favourite one. We had to jump of the chairs. “Finally we went to get an ice block but there was no more. My aunty and uncle came and I told them that there was no more ice block, so instead we went to Mac Donald and I got a sundae. THE END

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hi and as you all know my name is Vivienne. My favourite ice cream would be Jelly Tip because of the Jelly inside it. It also has some chocolate on the sides. I wish that I had a pool filled with Jelly Tip. Thanks for reading my post if you have, please leave me a comment. Take a look at this picture of the ice cream JELLY TIP!!!!!

The Maritime Museum

“I wish we could go on the boat now” I said to my friend Te Rina, as we entered the Maritime Museum. Room 15,14 and 18 went to the Maritime Museum . We went there because our topic was all about Mighty Mariners and we wanted to see how it’s like to go on a ship, But the only thing I was excited about was the boat.

A man named David toke us to a door were we met a man named Salty Sam. We relies he was a gruff and grumpy old man. Our first activity was with gruff and grumpy captain Salty Sam. He gave us a guided tour around the Museum, bellowing orders as we went. “Don’t talk, Don’t talk when I am talking and don’t volenter for anything unless you know what you are getting yourself into”. Richard open the door for everyone to go inside.

“This ship has a flat bottem ship as you can see” grumpy Salty Sam said to us. “All aboard” he told us. ” Were going to have a steering test”. We went on board the ship and 1 by 1 we all sat down.”Wrong, 100% wrong” he shouted at us. I was a bit confussed because every one was sitting down but Salty Sam said it was wrong. Half way throw the line he stopped everyone and told us the right way. We all failed abysmally but no one knew that.

“Up,down,up,down” I heard someone saying. I didn’t no why they said that.”Come inside her. What do you think this room is for?” Captain Salty Sam said. I was thinking really hard then I relised it was a cabin under a ship. Salty Sam told us the anserw and I got it right. I looked striaht ahead , and I saw the floor going up,down,up ,down.

“Where are we going now” I said to my friend Litia. She said “ I think were going to watch a movie.” We entered a room were it had 3 massive screens. I went to sit down in the wooden seats. I started to talk to my friends until the screen went all pitch black. I looked at the back and I saw the doors closing . “Woosh” went Mrs Squires as she snuck in time. I then relised that the doors were automatic doors.

“About time” I said inside my head. The movie was starting. It looked like they were having a fair well party. They all dance and sang. The people were papering the waka for them to go on them. They sailed off to sea with a pig and a chicken.The whales,stars,birds and the sun helped them to navigate to the place they wanted to go there.

After that we went to have lunch and then we found out we were going on the ferry. I wanted to go on the boat more. We all walked to the ferry. It was sort of a long way to walk. When we hopped in the ferry it felt better that going on the Ted Ashby. Suddenly we had to move and move. Finally we found a spot and stopped at the top. It was windy and then it started to rain.

My favourite part was the ferry all though it was windy it kept blowing peoples hair. I wish we could there again. The ferry was my favourite part because I have never been in one until now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its Time For Cross Country

“Time for cross country”Mrs Squries said to the people in the class and to the people walking in. We all got changed to our house colours and strolled to the courts. I felt really nervous because I didn’t know what I might come. When we got to the courts my legs were shaking and I had butterflies in my tummy. I went to my age line (10 year old girls). Mr Burt our principle said a little pray and then we began our cross country.

“First we are going to start with our 11year old girls and boys together. Then we will go down the age line” Mr Burt said in the microphone. “ Bang” went the clappers for the 11 year old. Suddenly it was the 10year old boys then the girls. Bang again but this time for the 10year old boys. “Our turn” I said to Heather and Te Rina. We were ready but Mr Burt could only start the clappers together if the boys were past the gate. “ Can we go now?” I said inside my head. Mr Burt shouted “ Ready and go!” suddenly I heard “ Bang!” I jogged to the gates until it was all muddy. The wet mud went on my pants and through my toes. I had to be brave and just run my hardest but not that hard. Finally I made it past the muddy mud.

During the race I felt nervous. I saw Te Rina running trying to beat me but sadly she did. I tryed to beat her but I couldn’t. Every time I run up to her I will just get tryed and slow down. I thought to myself “ Hey, Champions never give up” I was so happy that I kepped on running and I tryed to not stop. Half way there my lungs were screeching. I was so exhausted and drained out I wanted to stop and walk the hole way. I stepped into squishy mud and it felt like some sponge going through my toes. I was happy I beat some of the 10 year old boys. “All most there” I said to myself.

I could see Te Rina ahead of me and I could see the finish line so I sprinted. I heard people saying Go Vivienne which made me happy. I was so happy because I beat my friend Te Rina. I didn’t know what I came but I think I came 6th. If not 7th. Well I know that I didn’t beat what I came last year but I know if you never give up you will be your best. I went to my Mum and she was helpful to me. That was the fastest cross country ever.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The New Daughter

Have you seen the New Daughter? If you haven’t then read to my post and I will tell you about it. 
In the weekend I watched The New Daughter with my family. This movie is about a girl name Louisa. Her nickname is Lou. They move into a new house but the thing is they didn’t know that someone got killed there. At the end the dad and Lou die. How? Well there are devils and they are bad ones. The dad gets the bomb and throws that so the devils die as well. Also the little brother dies. Sadly it is not a happy ending. The End

Monday, August 9, 2010

Why do we have to draw Mrs Tele'a ?

This term our topic at Pt England school is all about Mighty Mariners. The year 5 and 6 extension group had to draw Mrs Tele'a in the angle that we could see her in. I think we did this activity because as you all know, we are learning about Mighty Mariners, and sometime's they have to use maps. I think we had to see how it feels to draw maps just like James Cook. Thats what I thought this activity was about. Take a look at our pictures.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Weekend

In the weekends I watch Alice in Wonderland on DVD With my family. That was my first time watching it. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait. I turned on the Play station and put in the disc. It started and my brother came in time to watch. I felt like pop corn and the ice block from the movies. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Half way throw the movie I stopped thinking about the pop corn and started to think about the movie because Alice was about to die,but luckly she survive. She killed the dragon with a sword. The dragon’s blood will take Alice back home if she drinks it. Alice wanted to drink it but her friends from Wonderland didn’t want her to drink it.

Her friends in wonderland were scared that she will forget about them and move on but she said that she will never forget them. What a happy ending but also a sad one to. The End

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immersion Assembly

“Guess what the topic is for this term?” I said to my friend Tauwhare as we walked into class. “Mighty Marige” she stated confidently. I giggled to myself “No I think it’s Mighty Mariners” I replied and I was correct. I knew I was right because I looked up in the wall. As soon as the bell went we went to the hall for our Immersion Assembly. As soon as I entered the hall I looked around and I saw a pirates,vikings and a captain that looked a bit like James cook. I knew this was going to be an awesome term.

After that Mr Burt told us about his journey to America. He went from city to city. He had five t-shirts on which was sort of anoying because he kept on taking them of and I was thinking how many t-shirts does he have, but the t-shirts represent all the diffrent places he went to. It was funny because Mr Burt had to sleep in a hallway. After Mr Burt it was team ones Item.

Team ones Item was a movie. They didn’t sing or act but they showed a movie. Amazingly Kingston drew the picture for them and team1 teachers did the voice overs. It was about the 7 waka’s migrating to NZ.

Team two’s Item was Ms Burne who was James Cook and Ms She was an angry pirate. The angry pirate (Ms She) wanted an I pad. She was also a greedy pirate.

My favourite team though was team 3 because they had a lollie scramble and team 5 which was Ms Tito. She was Jessica Watson. I liked Ms Tito because I was interested of what she did. She sailed around the world which I think is preaty cool.I am excited about this term because I can’t wait to learn about Jessica Watson

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Highlights in the Holiday

In the holidays I went to the movies at Sylvia park. I watched Toy Story 3. I was excited to watch it and my family. At the beginning it was funny but at the end it is sad. It's sad because Andy gives his toy's to someone else. I thought to myself " I wonder if there is a Toy Story 4?"I wanted to watch Shrek but my cousin chose Toy Story 3. Four days later I went to the movies again. I went to the same one but by a train. I went with my cousins, my brother and my cousins friend. We were going to watch The Karate Kid but we ended up watching Twilight eclipse. I liked watching Twilight better than Toy Story 3. That was my highlight of my holidays. THE END

Friday, July 2, 2010

One of My Favourite Movies

One of my favourite movie's are Twilight. I've watched all of the clips but not Twilight eclipse. My favourite character is Alice. Even though she is not the main character I still like her. She is my favourite character because she looks really pretty. In the holiday I wish I can go and watch it. The End


Every Friday at 8.30pm on channel two I watch Glee. I like watching glee because I like there voice. But Glee is not my favourite program to watch. It would probably be My wife and kids.I like that one because of the characters. They are really funny. Anyway back to Glee. My favourite character is Rachel because of her voice. THE END

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The inter zone netball game

"Today is the day for the inter zone netball games" I said to myself. When the second bell rang Mrs Nua said "Anyone who is in the inter zone netball team please come to the hall for a little meeting". As soon as I heard that I went straight to the hall. We went to the hall just to see who was here or who wasn't here. We also went to the hall to see if we had our gear ready. We had to have three boys on the court but we had one extra just in case one of the boys got hurt in the game. The names of the boys in our team were Starford, James, Dillon and Samuela. I was so excited that I couldn't wait!

Suddenly all the people in the inter zone netball team went to the walkway. When everyone was there we got changed into our uniform. Before we could go we had to eat our lunch to help us be fit and ready. Finally it was time to go to the courts and play. All of the boys went with Bobbie (Lepa and Starfords mum). Some of the year 5's had to go with Misi,and year 6 went with Mrs Nua including Rita. We went when it was playtime.

"Finally were here!" I said to Mary L. We saw the boys waiting. Then we went to the entrance and we waited and waited until Mrs Nua got here. When they finally reached us we entered the netball court.
The first thing we did was to find a place to put our bags down. As soon as we put our bags down we all sat in a line and waited for all the other teams to come. When they came we had to all listen to our coaches.

Our first game was at court 24. We vs St Patricks. We played our best and won. The score was 5-0. I was so proud that I thought that it was finished, but unfortunly there were 5 more games left." I hope we win this game?" I whispered to myself. We played on the same court but we vs Rupotaka.
Looking back it was an easy game because we worked as a team and got lots of intercepts. My partner from the other team was a good jumper, which meant I had to try get in front of him to get the ball. Our shooter missed a few shots but as a team we kept on cheering for her and she improved her focus and helped us win!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Of My Favourite Actors

One of my favourite actors is Selena Gomez Because in one of her movies she is really funny.My favourite movie that she acts on is Wizard of Waverly place.

Big Foot Adventure

Big Foot Adventure

In the morning I saw bikes and cones layed out in the court. There were lots of things outside like road signs and ramps. I thought to myself,"Why are those things out there?" and than I saw a van. It said Big foot adventure. Suddenly I remembered that today we were riding bikes. I felt so excited that I couldn't wait.

We listened attentively as Tony explained to us about bike safety. He told us the correct safety equipment,which was to make your helmet tight and wear the correct foot wear.He also told us to wear bright colours which is orange and bright yellow.

Apprehensively I wibbled and wobbled through the obstacle course. Tony explained to us "I am going to go through the course to show you were to go".
As he peddle furiously over the ramps and through the cones he also,pushed himself to the limit.

Suddenly Tony saw Adrienne coming to the obstacle course, so Tony decided to go to the courts and practice our hand signals.As soon as we got there, he showed us how we were going to show that we were stopping or to turn left or right. Before long we went through the course and practice. During our practice,some people wibbled and wobbled. It started to get harder and harder
because as we practice, we hand to look back and say what the picture was before we could do our hand signals.

At the end they gave out prizes to the best hand signals and to Senolita for fixing her chain. I got one of the prizes for the best hand signal because Tony
liked the way I showed ,I was going to go left, right and even stop.I felt happy that they came to teach us about bike safety.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My core is 5,000 degrees C It is made of nickel and iron.My core is in the center of the me.

My mantle is made out of molten rock which is also called magma. When it goes through the crust it is than called lava. Amazingly it surounds my outter core.

My crust is the outter most layer. Interesting it is floating on the mantle. Did you know if you took away the ocean's and the sea it would look a bit like a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Famous" - a podcast for KPE

Chante and Vivienne
This is my first podcast for KPE.

There are a few books at Pt England School that are extremely popular and they turn up time and again in our podcasts. "Famous" by Elizabeth Pulford is one of these.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Active Earth

This term we are learning all about active earth.In room 15 we learn about Volcanos, Earthquake and other things that happen on the earth. Watch these movies and see what I want to know this term.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


...Me as a bowling ball...

As I waited and waited for someone to pick me up, I was feeling excited but also nervous because I thought I might hurt my friends who are pins. Inside the bowling ally it was sort of quiet but when people started coming in it started to get noisy. When we're by ourselves we listen to the music and some times we sing.

Suddenly someone picked me up. It was a little boy. He yelled to his mum "I am going to get a strike Mum!" He swung me back and threw me to the ground "OUCH!!!!" I yelled inside my head. Next minute "Bang!!!" went the pins. As I went inside the hole coming out of the other end. The next person was waiting for me at the other side and as I came out I wondered to myself "How can I get out of here?"


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Room 15 have been finding out about the Early Europeans who came to NZ. We read about the Whalers and Sealers, Missionaries, Settlers and Traders. We wrote scripts as if we were one of these people and recorded our scripts with our animations of the European ships arriving in NZ playing in the background. Mine is one of the ones that was finished and played on P.E.N.N. our school news programme

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Holiday

In the holiday my family and I went to wave pools in Australia. My brother and I were excited to go. First my brother, my dad and I went on a big slide. My dad likes to splash water on my brother and me. A timer or a lifeguard would tell us if the next wave would be coming. The waves are big, as tall as a big apple tree. Some people would swim under the water so that they wouldn't get hit by the big wave. Next we ate some potato chips and a sandwich. When we finished eating we had to wait for our family to finish. After that we went off to play in the water again. It was so awesome. Finally we went and got change in the change room. Then me and my brother said "bye bye" to the people that work there. We felt exhausted and tired swimming at the pool's. THE END

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to Room 15 Vivienne.
For everyone reading Vivienne's blog here is a link that takes you to the posts she wrote for her class's blog last year.
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