Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Family Flag

This flag represents me and my family. It has seven elements that also represents us. The seven elements are our family moto, be the best you can be, Music, Sport, Church, Family, The cross from our Tongan flag, and last of all our island Tongatapu, were our family comes from.

Vivienne-Our Courtyard Needs A Makeover

Rubric marked by my classmate Kingston.

Our courtyard between room 17 and the hall, needs a makeover. There are many reasons for this. One reason is that fights happen a lot due to crowded conditions in the rest of the playground, and when the fields are close we need more space to play in. This area is also very ugly.

Fights: it is very frightening sometimes when kids get into fights just because it is crowded. There are crowded conditions in the breeze and in the playground area that sometimes starts fights. If we had a makeover than less fights would happen in our school.

When the fields are close we need more space to play in. My partner, Rita and I have, surveyed, researched, talked, emailed and also foundries people to see what they would like in our courtyard. We know what kids want in our courtyard and what we should replace it with or even improve on.

Our courtyard is very hideous, and I have proof. If you have been to our courtyard than you would have seen that there is a big dutch in our grass area. The walls have mud on it because off some little kids. They put there grubby hands on the walls which make them really revolting. There is a drain right in the middle were grass comes out off it. We could definitely entice children to come but because off this, they will not come. If we had a makeover than kids would come.

These where all my reasons for having a makeover and I think our courtyard should have a makeover. Don’t you think?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the trail

On the trail is a story that I have read in class about a boy name Nick Wilson riding a motor bike. He has been ridding his motor bike since he was 6 years old. He entered a competiton. That competition was his first ever. He came second. This is a picture and a key off my crazy motor bike track.