Friday, July 20, 2012

Joshua Iosefo "Brown Brother" Poem

Joshua Iosefo did an amazing poem called “Brown Brother”. He is a year 13 prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar School, and all of the prefects had to do a speech in front of the whole school. Everyone did a speech but Joshua decided to do a poem. He delivered his poem so well his friend posted it on Youtube, which brought it to the attention of Campbell Live.

The poem “Brown Brother” is about stereotypes. Stereotypes are a judgement of a person’s race and Joshua’s message in his poem was to not listen to them, and to don’t be afraid to be the change. His message was similar to our school korero, “Go For Gold”. A korero is a message that Mr Burt gives to us every Fridays at assembly. This usually motivates us to do or not to do.

This poem inspires lots of people especially me. My favourite part in his poem was when he said “Brown Brother do not be afraid to be the first.” His message can change many lives and can help them as well. I look up to him not just as a prefect but as a person.


  1. Hey Vivienne,
    Thanks for the comment.I thought that it would be nice if I commented on your blog.So anyway thanks for helping me and thank you for rereading and helping me finish it off properly.Anyway I liked the bit when you said our school theme "Go For Gold."
    Anyway I look to seeing more of your interesting posts.



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