Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Can't Wait To Go To Camp Bentzon And Kawau Island

Only 1 more week until the year 6 kids are going to Camp Bentzon and Kauwa island. I can’t wait.

Camp Bentzon is in the north cove. To get to camp Bentzon you will have to catch a ferry from Sandspit.

The exciting activities that are going to be taken placed at Kauwa island is the, Confidence course, Fitness trail, Raft making, kayaking and many more. There are a lot of activities here. They are going to be really fun too, especially if it would be your first time (ME).

The one activity that stood out the most would be the confidence course. There are a lot of activities for the confidence course, but one of them is when you stand on two tires and try to balance. Now that would totally bossed up my confidence.

My Challenge at camp is to not break any rules. Even this one, no live trees are to be felled. This means I am not allowed to break any branches of any trees.

I am extremely exited about this, and I am sure everyone else is too. My thoughts in my head are that this might be the highlight of the year.

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