Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Read A Story Called "Letters To Fleabus"

In class we were reading a book called Letters To
Fleabus. It was in our school journal. It is an amazing story. In this story it has a cat called Fleabus and his family moves to a different place,so they take him to a cattery. They put him in a cage and when they opened the gage he ran out. His owner called Dani is really worried about Fleabus. This is a wanted sign of Fleabus.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Were The Spartans?

The Spartans lived in Ancient Greece. They were honest,they had lots courage and they loved freedom.

Boys who were seven years old were trained only for war. Life was very tough for them because they could not see there family for a long time. They also had to grow there hair long. When they grew up they became police men and after that they were soldiers.

The boys fought all the time and sometime it was for other city's to pay them. All the work was by the men and the woman who were captured by the solders. The men and the women were slave for the solders.

The women of Sparta were very tough. They ate and celebrated at the death of a son. Sadly they went as far as killing there own son,who was defeated in a battle,but,if there son won a battle they would have a huge feast and they would celebrate.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan's Earthquake

Click on this picture to get a better look.

On Friday a loathsome earthquake hit Japan.The earthquake was 8.9 which caused a tsunami. Everything in the tsunamis avenue was completely dismantle, cars and houses were scattered like toys and people were immerse into the sea.

The earthquake was so big that it cause a tsunami. Lots of buildings were dismantle and they also collapsed. Builders built lots of houses strong so that when a earthquake happens it could stay firm. Japan has lots of earthquake so,every time a earthquake was going to strike phones would give an admonish.

The earthquake caused the tsunami which made it a double disaster. The tsunami even hit Hawaii and a little bit of New Zealand. It was also a gruesome sight. Cars,boats and house were destroyed because of this disaster.

When the tsunami was finished,it caused more damage. It eradicate pipes and it purge the nuclear plant which caused a fire. The fire scorch houses and many people were vagrant and some were even dead. This was an ultra problem for Japan.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Learning How To Play Cricket

Every Thursday my class room 17,learns how to play cricket. I feel excited when Miss Garden tells us its time to play cricket. I all ways say in my head yeah!! I like playing cricket with Hammond,Robin and Chris. They teach us how to bat in different ways.

One of the ways we bat is the front foot drive. Hammond taught us that and I was very excited to learn it. We got sent into groups of 5 and we had to practice the front foot drive. Yeah I said in my head when it was my turn to bat.I was ready to hit the ball but all of a sudden I missed, then missed again.I was not having fun at all. I thought this was going to be easy,but I was mistaken.

When we finished learning the front foot drive we played a game. There was a red team and a orange team. I was sent to the red team with my best friend Litia. The red team had to field first while the orange team was bating. At the end of the game every one was tired and exhausted. The red team won and we were all happy. That was the end of our cricket lesson so we had to go back to class.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Glee at Pt.England school

For the first time Pt.England is doing glee. I am very excited that we are doing glee. Our Drama teacher Miss M is an amazing teacher. She expects us to have the big C which is being Confident. I thought I had confident so wanted to join. We have to practice every Thursday and our performance is on week 9.

I am happy that I joined glee because it can build my confident in class and anywhere else. I have 2 best friends that go to glee and their names are
Te Rina and Litia. I also have Tauwhare but she didn’t want to join glee.