Thursday, October 25, 2012

A lovely day at the beach.... (Narrative)

The sun was shining on my face and beads of sweat came down my face. “It is sooo hot.” I said to my mum. I looked around and I saw my family having an enjoyable time. My uncle was making the food as well as my cousin and his son, some of the little kids were playing on the playground and the others were swimming. The older kids were playing touch. “ When is the food ready?” asked my cousin. “Soon” replied my uncle. Getting hotter and hotter I decided to go for a swim.

“This goes here.” I instructed my brother.
“No! Can we put this there?” complained my brother. Building a sandcastle was harder than I thought it would be. Everything was going fine until my brother and I saw someone kayaking.  He was paddling along great. Each stroke cut into the glassy water sending showers of spray flying. We started watching wishing it was us.

Suddenly the man got his paddle stuck into the water. He was rocking from side to side. He couldn’t control his kayke.  Before we knew it he fell out of his kayak. We thought he was able to pull himself back into the shore, but we were wrong. My brother and I saw him waving his arms and yelling out HELP, but know one came. “What should we do Jordan?” I asked. “Lets go and get help.” my brother proclaimed.

We sprinted like cheetahs to my mum and told her the bad news. She called my uncle to get the speed boat and help this man. “He is over there” we told our uncle. All of a sudden he went into rescue mode. He zoomed over so fast that waves getting bigger and bigger were left in his wake. We couldn’t see if the man was okay because the boat was blocking him.

Suddenly the boat came back. Everyone was clueless. Was the man okay, did my uncle save him? There he is I said in my head. The man was okay as well as his kayak. “Lucky.” I sighed with relief.

After all that mess we continued with our picnic. “Would you like to stay and have something to eat?” My uncle asked. “Yes please.” he replied. When the picnic was finished my brother and I felt like heroes.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Camp At Willow Park Part 2

..........Other girls were trying to sing and the rest of the girls were quiet and just wanted to get off the bus (ME!).

"Finally." I said to my friends. We arrived at Willow Park. Seeing the playground, trampoline, mini golf, tennis court, gym, church and many more things was great to see again. We went into the dinning room with the boys right behind us. Mr Burt put us into our teams. I was very happy with my team.

Although it didn't have any of my friends in it I knew it would be much easier without them. Mr Burt explained the rules of the place, what we where doing today and introduced us to the owners. When he finished we straight away went into action... 

Finding my bag was a piece of cake but the hardest thing was going up the stairs. The stairs was a mission but luckily for me I had just enough energy to go to my cabin. When I opened the door to my cabin it looked just like my bed room. Anyway, I was the first person in my group to arrive in it which was GREAT!!! Why? Well, have you ever heard off first in, first serve? If you have well that was what happened to me. The bed I choose was a single bed right next to the window. One thing that impressed me was the view. You could see nearly the whole camp. It was awesome! One by one each member of my group came inside and slowly the best place to sleep went away. The last person that came up was Lesley (one of our team leaders). I felt sad for Lesley because she didn't exactly have the best spot. 

Anyway, we had older leaders which were basically ex-Pt Englanders. After that were even older leaders. Not that old though. Then comes the deans. Sort of like the second boss. Our dean was Cara and the boys dean was Jonacany. Obviously the boss of the whole thing was Georgie and Mr Burt. The leaders were split into the 8 groups. We had cool leaders and their names were Shania, Nu'u and Xaviar. They were fun to hang out with. 

When we finished placing our things in our cabin we went downstairs. Being the first group downstairs was a great way to earn MONEY. Not real money of course but monopoly money. I went downstairs and sat down. Slowly each team member of other teams came. "Hey Vivienne, where's your group?" Asked Ashleigh (Friend). "I don't know.... Oh there they are." I replied. "Sit up." Nu'u said. We sat up like a blink of an eye. Suddenly Mr Burt came to our group and said "Is Your Whole Team Here?" We said yes and out came $2. When other teams saw this they wanted Mr Burt to ask there group the big question. 'Is Your Whole Team Here?' Sadly Mr Burt just started to talk. 

"So right now we are going to go to the........"

To Be Continued

Friday, October 12, 2012

First Week Of The Holidays

First week of the holidays was AWESOME. Let me tell you about it.

First of all, I'll tell you what I did. I went to a Christian Camp called Willow park and it was so cool. It was much better then last years camp. Why? Well because last year I got sick and couldn't participate in much of the activities. This year was also a bummer and if you want to find out why keep reading. 

"It was so cool. If only you came." I told my brother who was coming for the first time. He didn't come last year. So I explained more and more about Willow park and as he listen he got more and more eager to go. We finished packing and went to sleep. 

I couldn't sleep and when I did it was like 2:00a.m. I slept for a little while and woke up at 7:00 a.m. I got ready and when I finished getting ready I checked my bag to see if I was missing anything. "Check, check....... and check. I have everything, what about you Jordan?" He didn't answer he was making sure he had everything. It was 8:15 and was the time to go.  We put our bags in the car and drove off. Bye house. See you in 5 days.

"Make sure you look after your little brother, okay." "I will mum. I promise. Bye. See you later." My brother and I walked into the breeze with our bags. "Just put it there." Paulitia (one of our leaders) said. We put our bags down and asked if anyone needed any help.  No one did so we sat down and waited for something to happen. As people walked in with their bags the breeze was almost filled with everyone that was coming. Only two more people were missing. When they came we went on the bus.

"Bye bye Pt England and here we come Willow Park." My friend said. Their was a girls bus and boys bus. Of course we were on the girls bus. Most people would jump to conclusion and think that it was as quiet as a mouse, but trust me it wasn't. Girls were yelling from the front of the bus to the back.  Other girls were trying to sing and the rest of the girls were quiet and just wanted to get off the bus (ME!).

"Finally." I said to my friends.

To Be Continued...