Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hi and as you all know my name is Vivienne. My favourite ice cream would be Jelly Tip because of the Jelly inside it. It also has some chocolate on the sides. I wish that I had a pool filled with Jelly Tip. Thanks for reading my post if you have, please leave me a comment. Take a look at this picture of the ice cream JELLY TIP!!!!!

The Maritime Museum

“I wish we could go on the boat now” I said to my friend Te Rina, as we entered the Maritime Museum. Room 15,14 and 18 went to the Maritime Museum . We went there because our topic was all about Mighty Mariners and we wanted to see how it’s like to go on a ship, But the only thing I was excited about was the boat.

A man named David toke us to a door were we met a man named Salty Sam. We relies he was a gruff and grumpy old man. Our first activity was with gruff and grumpy captain Salty Sam. He gave us a guided tour around the Museum, bellowing orders as we went. “Don’t talk, Don’t talk when I am talking and don’t volenter for anything unless you know what you are getting yourself into”. Richard open the door for everyone to go inside.

“This ship has a flat bottem ship as you can see” grumpy Salty Sam said to us. “All aboard” he told us. ” Were going to have a steering test”. We went on board the ship and 1 by 1 we all sat down.”Wrong, 100% wrong” he shouted at us. I was a bit confussed because every one was sitting down but Salty Sam said it was wrong. Half way throw the line he stopped everyone and told us the right way. We all failed abysmally but no one knew that.

“Up,down,up,down” I heard someone saying. I didn’t no why they said that.”Come inside her. What do you think this room is for?” Captain Salty Sam said. I was thinking really hard then I relised it was a cabin under a ship. Salty Sam told us the anserw and I got it right. I looked striaht ahead , and I saw the floor going up,down,up ,down.

“Where are we going now” I said to my friend Litia. She said “ I think were going to watch a movie.” We entered a room were it had 3 massive screens. I went to sit down in the wooden seats. I started to talk to my friends until the screen went all pitch black. I looked at the back and I saw the doors closing . “Woosh” went Mrs Squires as she snuck in time. I then relised that the doors were automatic doors.

“About time” I said inside my head. The movie was starting. It looked like they were having a fair well party. They all dance and sang. The people were papering the waka for them to go on them. They sailed off to sea with a pig and a chicken.The whales,stars,birds and the sun helped them to navigate to the place they wanted to go there.

After that we went to have lunch and then we found out we were going on the ferry. I wanted to go on the boat more. We all walked to the ferry. It was sort of a long way to walk. When we hopped in the ferry it felt better that going on the Ted Ashby. Suddenly we had to move and move. Finally we found a spot and stopped at the top. It was windy and then it started to rain.

My favourite part was the ferry all though it was windy it kept blowing peoples hair. I wish we could there again. The ferry was my favourite part because I have never been in one until now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its Time For Cross Country

“Time for cross country”Mrs Squries said to the people in the class and to the people walking in. We all got changed to our house colours and strolled to the courts. I felt really nervous because I didn’t know what I might come. When we got to the courts my legs were shaking and I had butterflies in my tummy. I went to my age line (10 year old girls). Mr Burt our principle said a little pray and then we began our cross country.

“First we are going to start with our 11year old girls and boys together. Then we will go down the age line” Mr Burt said in the microphone. “ Bang” went the clappers for the 11 year old. Suddenly it was the 10year old boys then the girls. Bang again but this time for the 10year old boys. “Our turn” I said to Heather and Te Rina. We were ready but Mr Burt could only start the clappers together if the boys were past the gate. “ Can we go now?” I said inside my head. Mr Burt shouted “ Ready and go!” suddenly I heard “ Bang!” I jogged to the gates until it was all muddy. The wet mud went on my pants and through my toes. I had to be brave and just run my hardest but not that hard. Finally I made it past the muddy mud.

During the race I felt nervous. I saw Te Rina running trying to beat me but sadly she did. I tryed to beat her but I couldn’t. Every time I run up to her I will just get tryed and slow down. I thought to myself “ Hey, Champions never give up” I was so happy that I kepped on running and I tryed to not stop. Half way there my lungs were screeching. I was so exhausted and drained out I wanted to stop and walk the hole way. I stepped into squishy mud and it felt like some sponge going through my toes. I was happy I beat some of the 10 year old boys. “All most there” I said to myself.

I could see Te Rina ahead of me and I could see the finish line so I sprinted. I heard people saying Go Vivienne which made me happy. I was so happy because I beat my friend Te Rina. I didn’t know what I came but I think I came 6th. If not 7th. Well I know that I didn’t beat what I came last year but I know if you never give up you will be your best. I went to my Mum and she was helpful to me. That was the fastest cross country ever.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The New Daughter

Have you seen the New Daughter? If you haven’t then read to my post and I will tell you about it. 
In the weekend I watched The New Daughter with my family. This movie is about a girl name Louisa. Her nickname is Lou. They move into a new house but the thing is they didn’t know that someone got killed there. At the end the dad and Lou die. How? Well there are devils and they are bad ones. The dad gets the bomb and throws that so the devils die as well. Also the little brother dies. Sadly it is not a happy ending. The End

Monday, August 9, 2010

Why do we have to draw Mrs Tele'a ?

This term our topic at Pt England school is all about Mighty Mariners. The year 5 and 6 extension group had to draw Mrs Tele'a in the angle that we could see her in. I think we did this activity because as you all know, we are learning about Mighty Mariners, and sometime's they have to use maps. I think we had to see how it feels to draw maps just like James Cook. Thats what I thought this activity was about. Take a look at our pictures.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Weekend

In the weekends I watch Alice in Wonderland on DVD With my family. That was my first time watching it. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait. I turned on the Play station and put in the disc. It started and my brother came in time to watch. I felt like pop corn and the ice block from the movies. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Half way throw the movie I stopped thinking about the pop corn and started to think about the movie because Alice was about to die,but luckly she survive. She killed the dragon with a sword. The dragon’s blood will take Alice back home if she drinks it. Alice wanted to drink it but her friends from Wonderland didn’t want her to drink it.

Her friends in wonderland were scared that she will forget about them and move on but she said that she will never forget them. What a happy ending but also a sad one to. The End