Friday, January 24, 2014


At the end of last year my brother and I, Jordan flew over to Australia to spend some quality time with our family over there. We arrived at Melbourne's airport on the 21st December approximately 11:00pm. Waiting for us around the corner was our dad who we hadn't seen since January 2013. We ran up to him and gave him a massive hug. We had finally arrived.

So far staying in Aussie has been a blast. I enjoy spending time with my younger siblings, shopping, and just seeing new things around Melbourne. One of my favourite places we have gone to has been Adventure Park. Known as Victoria’s biggest water theme park. We have also gone to Sydney to be apart of my cousin’s daughters 1st birthday.

This week my brother and I are spending time with our grandma who is coming over from Mildura. We can’t wait to see her. Next week we our cousin Meliola is going to take us shopping and hopefully take us to her church. Then the following week we are coming back home to New Zealand.

So we have two weeks full of excitement and joy, then we will be in New Zealand starting school. That means we have to use the time we have now to make memories and have a lot of fun!

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