Monday, May 30, 2011

Going to Swimming

Para 1- First time swimming
I was really excited when my class, room 17 got a notice about swimming, but when it came to the day I was really nervous. I didn’t really want to go. I would rather go shoot some hoops with my friends Litia,Te Rina and Tauwhare. But it has been such a long time since I have been to the pools,and I think I should practice some more to get better and better.I thought to myself.

Para 2- Felt like in the pool
I knew the water in the leisure pool was going to be nice,and warm, and in the big pool, freezing cold. Unfortunately I had the cold option.I closed my eyes and pointed my toes like a ballerina in the water,and then all of a sudden I then realised that it wasn’t cold after all. I was really joyful.

Para 3- Improving
I really wanted to improve my swimming. At the beginning I swam really fast but a few seconds after that I was really exhausted. I stood up and I wasn’t even in the middle yet. Mr Marks gave me some tips. It was to slow down at the beginning and when I think that I am all most at the end I should use all my energy. When Mr Marks saw me again he said “Well Done” and gave me more things to improve.

Friday, May 27, 2011

20 Hour Famine Sleepover

Right now everyone is in the ICT lab at school. A bunch of year 5- 8 students from Pt. England School are doing the 20 hour famine. When you are our age you aren't aloud to do 40 hours. We are trying to support the people that are much more unfortunate than us, we are also doing it to see what it is like to go without food. I have joined the YELLOW team, and the celebrity team leader is Erin Simpson. Hopefully everyone succeeds!!

GO YELLOW!!!!!!!

Going to Wellington The End

It was time to leave the beautiful land of Wellington. We all went to the airport really early because we wanted to stay in the Koru lounge for a very long time until our flight. We ate this yummy trifle and a short bread cookie. That was one of my best desserts. I can’t wait to go to Wellington again, that’s if I am going. I wonder where we might go next?

Going to Wellington part 3

It was the time to present to a whole room of business people. We all were scared, nervous and shy. I was really nervous. When we all got on the stage we weren’t nervous anymore. I could tell because everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves. I was videoing the whole thing. When it was finished we all sat down while Mr Burt spoke. It was really cool.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Going to Wellington part 2

We were inside the airplane. Mrs Burt told us to blow our nose because sometimes my ears would hurt. It was really annoying. We had to blow one nostril at a time. I was sitting next to Litia and Mrs Burt. I was in the middle. It was time to land and I took a video of us in the air plane. When we landed it was a bit bumpy. I had butterflies in my tummy. When I was recording everyone behind me was laughing. I had no clue why.

Going to Wellington part 1

The 2011 Ambassadors went to Wellington on Friday the 20th of May to present to a whole conference of business people. I was really excited when I got to school and also sad for the 2010 ambassadors. They were really jealous that we got to go to Wellington. Anyways, we all headed off to the airport. When we got there we were in the Koru Lounge. We were all spoilt. We didn’t really have enough time there though. I ate a short cake for breakfast. It was yum. With that I had juice. We didn’t have enough time. Ar least we got a little treat.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redesignning My Netbook

Our task that Miss Ouano wanted us to do today was to redesigning our own netbook bag. It wasn’t for real though. Room 17 all did the bar key. B is for bigger. I made the netbook case bigger. A is for Add. I added a flat screen T.V, a D.V.D player, remote, wings and a mooter. R is for replace. I replaced the handle with a remote.

I made the netbook case bigger so I can put more things inside it. I add a T.V, a D.V.D player, a remote, wings if I loosed my remote and a mooter. I added those thing so life could be more fun. I replaced the handles because carry it is so boring. Instead of a handle I added a mooter and a remote so that it could follow me, turn on my netbook and control my T.V.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marble track challenge part 2

First we will roll up four piece of newspaper.Two will be going vertical and the other two horizontal. The cello tape will be cello taped in 3 bends. I will be in charge of the cello tape, Marvin will be in charge of rolling up the newspaper to make the tubes and Litia is in charge of telling us were to put the cello tape and tube.

What We Did
As I was cutting the 1 meter cello tape into small piece Litia and Marvin tried to make the Marble track. Marvin was rolling the paper into thin tubes while, Litia directed him were to put it. At the end it all worked out successfully.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vote For The Best Introduction

Here are two different introductions. In Room 17 I was learning how to hook my audience. My first introduction starts off with action to hook my audience. My second introduction is about my thought and feelings. Please vote for the best introduction by commenting on my post.

“I found one!” my brother shouted. He found a caramel Easter egg hiding under my bed. With great difficulty I tried my hardest to find a delicious Easter egg. Then all of a sudden I saw a picnic bar. I tried to walk over there with out any noise, but my cousin saw me, and ran and got it. I thought to myself that this is not as easy as I thought it was. When it was all finished I only had 2 Easter eggs in my giant bag.Luckily my brother Jordan wanted to share his Easter eggs with me.

How could finding Easter eggs be hard? I mean you just have to go looking all over the house for them, I thought to myself. So when we started looking for yummy treasures with my family, I could not find anything. I was really surprised and also disappointed. I then realized that I was the worst person in my family to look for little chocolate eggs.