Friday, March 2, 2012

Writing Sample For Our Picnic Day

Today is the 23rd of Feb, so that means that there is only 1 more sleep until our school picnic. “I can’t wait” I told my friend Jay’Lee. Our school picnic was going to be our first picnic for 2012. What should I do there? I thought to myself.

Today was the day. I was thrilled to go. We walked down there, with Mr Burt at the front and Mr Jacobson at the back. Its so cool that we have a beach right next door because that means when we walk down there it will only take about 5 minutes. 

When we finished our talk about the rules, I went straight to the softball area to have a little game with my friends. Gradually the field was filled with more boys and girls waiting to catch the ball. The batting was also filled with anxious people, waiting to smash the ball all the way back to Pt England. I was in the fielding side waiting to hopefully catch the ball. My strategy for this was to keep my eyes open at all times and to leap for the ball, only if the ball is in the air. Some people had a powerful hit, which made the fielding team run. At the end it was a fun game and it didn’t really turn out to be a little game, it turned out to be a nearly 2 hour game!

I got sick of softball so I went to our improved beach. It was awesome! All the little kids were splashing the parent helpers and also the teachers. Everyone was having a delightful day. My friend Jay’Lee and I went on the groyne. A groyne is a big rock made out of concrete, but, the brilliant thing about the groyne is that it was hand made by men (not real). Anyway me and Jay’Lee tried to make a sand castle but that didn’t turn out great, so we just wrote our names in the wet sand. 

Luckily the day was a success!!! Everyone is now tired and exhausted. Even though this wasn’t the best picnic ever, I still had fun and I enjoyed myself. I bet everyone did too.


  1. thats such a cool story but i have a question.
    what should i take for my school picnic?

    1. Hello there,
      First of all thank you for posting a comment on my blog, and secondly what I think you should take to your school picnics is something healthy. For example, Friut kebabs. If that takes a while then you can just bake Muffins or cupcakes. Maybe you could ask all your friends to bring something to the picnic so then you could have a shared lunch. Hope you check some more of my blog post and I hope you have an awesome picnic.



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