Monday, March 12, 2012

My Camp Reflection For Day 1!

It is the first camp for 2012 and it is going on great. I’m in Team Respect and our leaders are Mino and Cruz. The activities we have done so far is Box Fit, Tent Making, Old Skool Games and Amazing Race. Out of all of these activities I really enjoyed doing amazing race.

There were three different kinds of activities that were held on Amazing Race. My favourite was making a slingshot. Mr Barks was in charge of this event as well as Mrs Lagitupu (Teacher,Leader) The aim of this game is to try and slingshot a paper ball in or touching one of the buckets. Each box had a paper in front which would have a number. There was one of each 10,20,30,50 and 100!!! All of these numbers were actually points. That wasn’t all, we had to MAKE the slingshot in your groups and also your paper ball. My group was finish making our slingshot so we headed of to our aiming places.

Mary was the first person to try out our slingshot, but sadly it didn’t hit any of the buckets. Then out of nowhere I pulled back the slingshot with no control of the stick and let go. It was bouncing like a bouncing ball. I hit 100 I said in my head. I was so amazed and shocked. I pulled it back again, then, it broke. We had to make it again. It worked after a few shot but then it broke again.   
It was going out fine until it broke the third time, after that it was just a piece of junk.

I wonder what we are doing tomorrow. I just can’t wait.

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  1. Hi Vivienne
    I like your post about camp.MY favourite activity at camp was the Amazing race too. I think that this sentence needs alittle bit of fixing up:The activities we have done so far is Box Fit, tents and Old Skool Games and Amazing Race.Keep up the good work.


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