Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amazing Race At Camp

Off we go to our next activity. But I didn't know where to go, nor did our team leaders, so we went around asking the teachers. “Where does Team Respect have to go?” Miss Ellen searched for our group name on the time table then said to go to the marqee. I wondered what we were going to do there.

Mr Barks was taking this activity and when I found out he was in charge, I knew we were doing The Amazing Race. It’s day 1 and we are already getting into it. I was so excited to get started.

Our first challenge on The Amazing Race was to make a slingshot and carefully aim it in or on a bucket. The buckets, set at different distances, had numbers on them which were points. We couldn’t do it solo so we had to do it in groups of 4. The people in my group were Chante, Jay’Lee, Mary and Mubasshira.  This was a challenge to test your teamwork.

We retrieved a set of equipment that could be helpful to make a slingshot like a rubber innertube, newspaper, masking tape and a stick. It was frustrating to make the slingshot because it kept breaking, but finally it was fixed.

We were the first group to finish so that meant we were also the first group to operate. My goal was to at least hit 3 buckets, and when it was my turn I only had to hit 2 more. I pulled the rubber taut. You also had to have a steady hand. I spotted 100 in the distance but thought to myself there was no way I was going to get that, but when I let go of the rubber the missile went zooming like a meteor. It was hard for us to see but I saw it. I hit 100 and that was the first point for my team.

It was a great activity and I wish I could do it again. Our final score at the end was 1200.
We work as a team and played like a team.

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  1. Hey Vivienne,
    I really like how you describe aiming at the 100 bucket and also enjoyed your vocabulary. I also want to say thanks for aiming for the 100 I thought you weren't going to hit it but you did and that made our group win out of our team. Nice work and writing.


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