Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weet-Bix VS Nutrigrain

This is a presentation about Weet-Bix and NutriGrain. In Mrs Nua's reading class, we were to research about Weet-Bix and Nutrigrain. I found out that Weet-Bix is more healthier for you. It is low in sugar but high in fibre, iron & B vitamins.   


  1. Hey Vivienne,

    That presentation is verry informative explains why weet-bix is better for you very well. when you make diagrams don't forget to check if everything fits in or if you'd be better off changing the size a little bit.

    Keep it up :) Mr. Hutchings

  2. Nice work Viv. Remember when you make a statement explaining your thinking make sure you back it up with the reasons.
    So does the packaging influence your choice of cereal?
    Mrs Nua


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