Friday, June 21, 2013

MTV- Michael Jackson Reflection

For this weeks creativity literacy task, we felt excited to choose a Michael Jackson song. Although it was a bit difficult to choose we still ended with a perfect song!

The things that we notices that was  interesting is how we got our movie done quickly. Also how we worked perfectly as a team.

There was nothing horrible about working together.Because we always remembered about staying on tasks and finishing things off.

What we enjoyed was that we had to pick  a Michael Jackson  song and also Finishing on  time.

Stuff we learnt was the different angles of filming.It was a  great help filming because we didn’t just use a long shot for our whole movie.

We think next time we need to improve on our animations because we repeated a lot of things. To improve this, we have to plan it properly like who would be animating and what we would be animating.

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