Friday, June 28, 2013

Hansel And Gretel REMIX

Living in a dilapidated house with my step dad, step brother as well as my mum was not the fairytale I was wanting in my life. My dad died because he was eaten by a wolf in the forest when I was the age of four. My mum then married a man named Bob and Bob had a son named Hansel. He was twelve years of age which meant he was two years older than me . So now I’m stuck with my step dad Bob, my mum and my annoying brother.

Five years had passed and already I wanted to leave. Hansel was always spoilt while I had to clean the house and cook the food. It was another Cinderella story. Anyway, mum and Bob never payed attention to me unless there was a mess to clean. How unfair! They accused me of being spoilt as well, even though I wasn’t. This all lead to Hansel and I being kicked out of our own house! “You can not come back until you have learnt how to be sweet little grateful children!” Yelled both my mother and step dad. It was weird how my own mother had agreed with that stupid guy.

We travelled through the woods that surrounded our house. The cool breeze tugged on my long, curly black hair. Hansel led us through the woods. I looked up and the trees were tangled upon Hansels head. He was my older brother so I had to listen to him. “ Everything is alright Gretel! Were not lost.”  His voice didn't fool me at all. I knew we were lost the minute he took the lead. We had been walking for so long, I just wanted to stop.  However, as I was about to give up, we stumbled across something awesome.

The biggest mansion on earth was in our way. I wanted to avoid it by going around it but NO.... “Come on Gretel, we can live here.” Hansel said cheerfully.
“NO! I am not going in there. What if something scary or even someone is in there.” I said. But Hansel didn’t care what I thought. So he walked inside. I had to follow him because as I said before.... He was my older brother. I was soooo angry at him. I always didn’t get to have a say. It was like living at home again only not with mum and Bob there. I walked through the door and my spine tingles. That was a warning sign. I told Hansel but he was too busy playing with all the technology that was in the house.

“Come Gretel. Remember this ga-”
“HEY!” Someone interrupted....
We looked around and saw an old man standing there. “HANSEL YOU STUPID!!!! I told you there was something scary about this house.” I yelled furiously. We argued and argued until finally the old man stopped us. “ OH RIGHT SHUT UP!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?” I was struck by how ugly he was. His eyes glowed bright yellow and scars were scattered across his face.

“We are just passing by and we will be on our way now.” I was speaking calmly to the man. “ No you’re not. You came into my house and I consider that trespassing.” His voice was firm and sound like he intended to speak once more. “ Since you are intruders I will have you be my servants. You can stay and tend my every need.” My brother tried bargaining with the man saying that he will stay if he lets me go. “ No way! You are both staying here with me. There is a room for you and your sister to stay in when I don’t need you.” The man was planning something. It is a gut feeling. I washed his clothes and dishes as well as clean his pet hamsters cage. Its funny how such an evil man can care for such a little creature. “ You are dismissed. Go to bed now.” I dragged my feet up the stairs, tired from all the hard work I had done today, and jumped onto my new bed.

Hansel was fast asleep while I had to lay there and listen to him snore! Anyway, just as I was about to sleep an old raspy voice starts to say something. It was the old man talking to himself. I quietly get one of his gadgets that hung from the wall and recorded him. “When its time to sleep tomorrow, and they are just about to doze off, I will kill them.”
“Hansels gotta believe me now.... We can make a plan to kill him first. Why am I so SMART!!!” Gretel whispered to herself. The next morning came and Gretel showed Hansel. After Hansel just finished listening to it he finally took her advice and they planned to kill the evil old man.


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  1. Nice work Vivienne! Your introduction was very smooth and as the reader I was invited into a different dimension.



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