Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Tamaki Tech Begins

“I hope this year of tech is going to be better than last years.” My friend Brooklyn said to me. Last year was a bit bland because we had a lot of naughty boys, and I mean a lot. This year is different than last years because instead of the year 7&8 going separately, we go as a class. We still go on Thursdays though. When we get there we depart to our separate classes. There are 3 classes for us to try out like Food Tech, Hard Materials and Graphics. Graphics is new to everyone this year. I am in hard materials.

Mr Grundy teaches hard materials. He can be a bit grumpy but its only when you don’t listen. Hard material is hard work. If you get the measurements right then theres a high chance your final product will be good. I am looking forward for this year in hard material because I have experienced what it was like in Mr Grundy’s class before. This year my goal is to make a good looking money box. It has to open and I have to be able to put money in it. I hope I can achieve.

In food tech, Ms Heka teaches everyone new and old recipes. It is really fun because in the end you get to take it home and share it or eat it by yourself. Like always, I would share someone with my mum. We work in groups of 4 or 5. When we are finish we write it down in our book so we are able to make it by ourselves at home, in school or anywhere really.

Graphis, is taught by Mr Pineda or you could call him Mr Nobel. Hearing from my friends, I heard it wasn’t bad. They are entering a competition and if they win they get a whole art supplie. They are really trying their best so that they can win.

This is the end of my story about Tamaki Tech but I’m sure there are going to be a lot more stories about it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fiafia Assembly

After hearing that my friend Rita was going to perform on stage for assembly, I was so excited to watch. Ms M had organized this assembly for Pt England to watch and hopefully get inspired for fia fia that is coming up this term.

One of the items was a singing group. It was the same group as before except someone new joined in... Hosanna. They sang the same song I believe by Yolanda Adams. This time they sounded much better and had lots of confidence.  

There was a cultural performe which was a Samoan dance performed by Rita. She had a traditional ie Tonga, which is basically a Tongan mat. Her family provided the costume for her and her mum also taught her the dance. Lucky for her, she had some support from her family.  This gave her a lot more confidence to perform in front of us.

My favourite performance was a Bollywood dance. Because this culture was new to Pt England and we didn't have much Indians here everyone started to laugh. As role models, the seniors as well as the teachers tried to stop everyone from laughing. They eventually stopped and watched. My classmate Saadiya was performing with her friend Bhara. Although it was new for me I really enjoyed it and wished I could see more.

This is the end of my story but there were lots more performances. My favourite item was the Bollywood because it was something new and it really hooked me in. The one thing that was disappointing was that everyone was laughing. But anyway, I would like to thank everyone who performed in assembly. Especially a big thank you to Ms M who organized this whole thing. This has definitely made me look forward for something this term, and it is called Fia Fia 2013.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Symbols About Me

Hello. My name is Vivienne and I am a year 8 student who attends Pt England school. I’m in extension with an awesome teacher named Mrs Tele’a.  We were given a task to finish by the end of this week. Our task was to draw 5 symbols that we like to do or symbols that represent ourselves. When we were finished we had to put it into comic life. I think this was an easy task to finish but it was just using our time wisely. This is my finished product.

Do you know what these symbols are? If you don't and you would like to find out, keep reading. Church, sports, family, music and youtube. These are all the things I really LOVE. Let me tell you why. Church, I love to go to church with my family and we love to find out things about the gospel. Sports, I am a sports freak. I love to participate in activities whether I'm the only girl or if there are only two people playing. Family, without them I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't have the things I have now. Music, believe it or not this makes me think properly. Youtube, this website is connected to music. I love to go on Youtube and find new videos and laugh at hilarious things. That is the end of my work. Hopefully I can get a good mark on this project. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Simple Poem

Dancer, Intelligent, Competitive and Sporty 
Sibling of Jordan and Christian 
Lover of Chocolate 
Who fears Spiders 
Who needs my family 
Who gives a helping hand 
Who would like to see more of the world 
Resident of Glen Innes 
The End

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All About Me!!!

Hi, my name is Vivienne and im a year 8 as well as a prefect at Pt England School. I like to play sports and listen to music. I am in room 21 with an awesome teacher named Mrs Lagitupu. My brother Jordan also comes to this school. I have 7 friends and they are really cool. This year my goal is to get to know more people and participate in more sports. I hope this year is my favourite year....