Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Tamaki Tech Begins

“I hope this year of tech is going to be better than last years.” My friend Brooklyn said to me. Last year was a bit bland because we had a lot of naughty boys, and I mean a lot. This year is different than last years because instead of the year 7&8 going separately, we go as a class. We still go on Thursdays though. When we get there we depart to our separate classes. There are 3 classes for us to try out like Food Tech, Hard Materials and Graphics. Graphics is new to everyone this year. I am in hard materials.

Mr Grundy teaches hard materials. He can be a bit grumpy but its only when you don’t listen. Hard material is hard work. If you get the measurements right then theres a high chance your final product will be good. I am looking forward for this year in hard material because I have experienced what it was like in Mr Grundy’s class before. This year my goal is to make a good looking money box. It has to open and I have to be able to put money in it. I hope I can achieve.

In food tech, Ms Heka teaches everyone new and old recipes. It is really fun because in the end you get to take it home and share it or eat it by yourself. Like always, I would share someone with my mum. We work in groups of 4 or 5. When we are finish we write it down in our book so we are able to make it by ourselves at home, in school or anywhere really.

Graphis, is taught by Mr Pineda or you could call him Mr Nobel. Hearing from my friends, I heard it wasn’t bad. They are entering a competition and if they win they get a whole art supplie. They are really trying their best so that they can win.

This is the end of my story about Tamaki Tech but I’m sure there are going to be a lot more stories about it.

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