Friday, February 22, 2013

Fiafia Assembly

After hearing that my friend Rita was going to perform on stage for assembly, I was so excited to watch. Ms M had organized this assembly for Pt England to watch and hopefully get inspired for fia fia that is coming up this term.

One of the items was a singing group. It was the same group as before except someone new joined in... Hosanna. They sang the same song I believe by Yolanda Adams. This time they sounded much better and had lots of confidence.  

There was a cultural performe which was a Samoan dance performed by Rita. She had a traditional ie Tonga, which is basically a Tongan mat. Her family provided the costume for her and her mum also taught her the dance. Lucky for her, she had some support from her family.  This gave her a lot more confidence to perform in front of us.

My favourite performance was a Bollywood dance. Because this culture was new to Pt England and we didn't have much Indians here everyone started to laugh. As role models, the seniors as well as the teachers tried to stop everyone from laughing. They eventually stopped and watched. My classmate Saadiya was performing with her friend Bhara. Although it was new for me I really enjoyed it and wished I could see more.

This is the end of my story but there were lots more performances. My favourite item was the Bollywood because it was something new and it really hooked me in. The one thing that was disappointing was that everyone was laughing. But anyway, I would like to thank everyone who performed in assembly. Especially a big thank you to Ms M who organized this whole thing. This has definitely made me look forward for something this term, and it is called Fia Fia 2013.

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