Sunday, March 31, 2013

If I could be someone else, I would be . . .

What if you got to choose who you wanted to be for a day. You could be an actor, celebrity, sports person,  billionaire or even a homeless person. Its something everyone has in their mind. It might not happen like you want it to happen but just imagine...

If I could be someone else, I would be a celebrity. There are many celebrities like Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Leona Lewis, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and my favourite Taylor Lautner from Twilight.  Being a celebrity has positive and negative things to it like for example. Positive- I could inspire lots of people but the negative point is definitely NO PRIVACY!!! Paparazzi everywhere. But if some celebrities can get away from it, I think I can as well. I would sing to people in the hospital and make them feel better.

Well, that is who I would be and I wouldn't change my mind. People have different ideas but mine is to be a celebrity. Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for reading my post!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

First Podcast For This Year!!!

HOORAY!!! I have finished my first podcast for this year and apparently it is the first podcast on the KPE blog for 2013 as well. My podcast is called Wolves Of The Beyond written by Kathryn Lasky. My DJ was Marvin and it was a great chance for me to work with someone I never work with. If you would like to check it out click this link My Podcast.

For those of you who don't know what a podcast is you can go to the KPE blog and view some cool podcast created by us Pt England students. If you still don't know what it is keep reading. So the first thing we do is pick a book that we know we are going to enjoy. It is better if we choose a New Zealand author but if we don't have a book written by a NZ author, we can choose any. When we finish reading the book we write a script to inform the audience what its all about. Next we choose a DJ to record it with as well as take pictures. Then we have a choice if we want to edit it by ourselves or get help from our teacher. Then we email Mrs Burt who is in charge of the KPE blog to post our podcast so the whole world can view it. This is basically how we create a podcast. For you this might sound like it is hard but we are use to trying things new. Thats how we can become the best we can be.

My goal this year for podcasting would be to win the end of the year award which is the Best Podcaster. To achieve this I have to create a podcast every term. It would be a great opportunity for me to win. This is the end of my story. I hope you have learnt something new!!! Happy Easter Everyone...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Talented Man Named STKS Arrives At Pt England

It was an unexpected surprise when a talented man named STKS arrived to our assembly. His real name is Lau but he is usually known by his stage name STKS. He can sing, play the guitar, tell funny jokes and he can make funny noises.... Anyway, when he came out the crowed was cheering. Just by looking at him we knew he is going to be AWESOME!!!

He bursted out with a big HI!!! When he introduced himself it was funny and a bit confusing. Anyway, he came to sing to us, make us laugh and make us have a good time. Do you know anyway who can make a noise that sounds a bit like a trumpet? Its hard to believe but STKS can do that. He can sing really good, write his own songs and make people laugh. The only words to describe him is definitely fun and talented.

You know how there's different types of music genre. Well one of them is 'Rhythm and Blues' and STKS made one up really similar to that and its called 'Rhythm and Brown'. When he sings his own songs it is mostly under Rhythm and Brown. He finished singing and went off into the music room. Everyone was disappointed and wanted to see more of him. Even me! But we knew that assembly had to carry on so we sat in ore.

Sports was next and everyone was looking forward to it because of the sports that had happened on that week. Usually Ms V would come out and say "Hello school, today we have a lot of player of the day awards." But she asked if we could hear another song from STKS. STKS agreed with Ms V as well as us students. Ms V finished and everyone was excited even more to hear STKS sing one more brilliant song. He sang his last song and once again everyone was sad. "Not to worry, if your teacher allows it you can go on YouTube and see STKS and maybe leave a comment" Mr Burt said. Everyone's attention went to there teacher. It was like a Mexican wave when all the teachers said yes.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Poem Lesson With Joshua Iosefo

In February we had the privilege of working with the one and only Joshua Iosefo.  It was a great opportunity for us to learn how to write a great poem. Brown Brother the poem that made him famous has definitely inspired me to the be the best I can. If you want to learn how to write a masterpiece, continue reading.

So, the first thing to wake up our minds was to write a short poem about a sandwich. It could be a magical sandwich, the tastiest sandwich ever or the most awful sandwich in the universe. My title was ‘Is It Really A Magical Sandwich’. We started writing and when everyone finished we recited our poem to each other. This helped Joshua see how we write and how we use our words. We were in a small group which was easier for Joshua. Crusader, Darius, Shoal, Makayla and myself were all happy that we were chosen.

After writing about our sandwich we got serious and wrote about anything we wanted to write about. Crusader wrote about the dirty south, Darius wrote about his mum, Shoal wrote about music and Makayla wrote about art. I thought and thought until I realized what the perfect subject was.... Who I inspire.

After working with Joshua Iosefa we finally finished and added a bit of action into it. It was fun working with Joshua and I would like to say a big thank you to Joshua for taking the time to help us write an amazing poem. This is my poem that I wrote with Joshua...

He could sing to me every night,
and when he is finished he could turn off my light.
He could teach me dance moves when I am bored,
and if someone comes to bully me, he would roar.
But there is one sad thing about this person.
Hes not with us today and that's not awesome.
His music was black or white
and thrilling was his game,
but now that he is gone the world will never be the same.
A short conclusion is what i’ll say,
and its RIP MJ...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Homeless Lady Ends Up Being Rich (NARRATIVE)

Walking past shops and scanning to see if Angela could find the perfect dress for the dance. She couldn't find anything so she continued to walk. No shops were in sight but only a massive destitute building. She went on the other side of the building and to her surprise she saw a homeless solitary figure. Her mind was filled with many things. Should she help, should she stop and stare or should she go back and carry on with her shopping....

Angela decided to help. As she got closer and closer her visual of the old lady was clear. She saw that she covered herself with a large waterproof jacket. Under that was a red and black tartan skirt. Arrays of bag and luggage surrounded her.  Plastic bags filled with scraps sat next to her old worn shoes. Angela stopped and stared. Suddenly the old lady bursted out with a raspy voice. “Get lost! Please. I just want to be left alone.” Angela got a fright, she wanted to run off and get help but she stayed and tried to talk to her.

Angela found out that her name was Anna. She also found out that they have many things in common such as shopping, listening to music and much more. Angela looked at the time. It was getting late so she told Anna that she had to go. Anna looked starving though and Angela felt bad. She wanted to help. She tried to think of ideas when suddenly she remembered that she had an ice cream cup left in her bag. She offered it to Anna and she took it in delight. Angela said her goodbyes and went home.

Anna was coughing and realized she needed to go to the hospital. She didn't have the money though. She looked on the top of the ice cream cup and it said ‘If your cup says winner you have won the $50,000!!!’ Anna didn't think she would win so she ate it in sadness. All of a sudden she saw the letters ‘i and n’ and thought she had a chance. As she continued eating she saw that she was the winner. She left her only belongings on the floor and went to the shops. She got her 50,000 and went to the hospital. The next day Angela came back and saw no one there. Only a note saying ‘Thank you Angela for being a friend. Please accept this money.’ With the note she saw that Anna left her $200. Angela was thankful for Anna’s gift.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pt England Celebrities Comment On The Earthquake In Auckland

The first ever earthquake hits Auckland. It definitely was a surprise to me and my family. There was two earthquake approximately between 4:00-4:10 pm. The magnitude was 3.1 and 3.9. It was also 6km and 5 km deep. As you can see Brooklyn did not feel a thing but Shoal and I definitely felt the 3.9 shake. It says that it came from Mt Motutapu.  Although it was a mini shake it also says that that might be a sign for more to come. This is definitely a time for us to prepare and remember that the people in Christchurch have experienced this 100 times or more.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Softball Tournament Yr 7&8 Girls

"Dear God...... Amen." Jay'lee prayed for us while we were sitting inside the Tamaki College van. She prayed that we could came first, make sure no one got injured and that Miss Va'afusuaga (manager) could drive us all the way to Shore Rd in Remuera for our softball tournament safely. We were all happy and excited to go to our tournament. Except, when we looked outside the sun was scorching down on the van. We were nervous that all our energy might be wasted on our first came, but Miss V gave us hope. She said our first game is against Tamaki Primary and that they aren't that good and we don't really need to play our best. Our smiles were back on. We started singing and making cheers while Ms V started the car. We were on our way to our softball tournament.

We made it to Remuera safe and sound. The thing on my mind was if we could make history again. If you don't know what I am talking about, well let me explain. Last year the yr 7 girls (Which is the yr 8 girls this year) were the first girls team in Pt England to make it to Auckland Champs. Sadly when we played we weren't as good as the other team and in the end we came 4th. But we had loads of fun. This year our goal is to think about one game at a time. We weren't allowed to skip all the way to finals and think about that. We had to play one game at a time. Just like Wreck It Ralph. Anyway, back to softball. We were so excited everyone got a glove and ball and we started throwing it around. You could tell by our faces that we were serious about this. Our eyes were on the ball.

"Strike 3, you're out" the referee said. Jay'Lee our captain kept on encouraging us. When three people got out we would swap and the batting team would now be fielding. Our fielding skills were great and our batting skills were just as good as our fielding skills. We knew we got this is the bag. BUT, one of the girls from Tamaki Primary scored a home run which made it equal. It was our turn to bat and it was 4 all. Jay'Lee was batting and we knew we could win this. She was focusing on the ball. When the pitcher pitched the ball Jay'Lee smashed it. It went so far that the other team struggled to find it. Finally the outfielder threw it in and Jay'Lee made it just in time. We cheered. It was Brooklyns turn to bat but it was time. We check the score and sadly it was still 4 all. We lost but Ms V explained the rules to us. Both teams needed to bat in order to make the points change. Anyway, it was 4 all and it was just our first game so we weren't really dissapointed.

We had many games. Some were easy and some were difficult. Bailey Road was really hard but I think they weren't working as a team. The pitcher named Pearl played for a club and she pitched just as fast as the boys from our school. It was hard for us to hit the ball. Luckily we got 0-0. Our fielding skills saved us in that game. Each game got harder and harder when finally we made it in the finals against Bailey Road again. We won that game because we used teamwork and cooperation. Now we are going to the Auckland Champs and we get to represent East side. As I said in the beginning we made history and Ms V told us we made history again. It was the first time both year 7&8 girls made it to Auckland Champs. We are so happy that both teams are going to represent East Side.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Tsunami Hits Pt England (Narrative)

Walking down to Pt England beach we looked at the sky. The sun was scorching down on my skin. “I told you Victoria, the weather is perfect. Look its going to be the best picnic ever” Valerie my best friend said to me. I knew something bad was going to happen, I just wasn’t sure what it was. All I knew is that I had to be careful. Everyone had to. When we got there my friends and I had to find a nice, shady place to sit. After scanning for a perfect spot we finally found a spot under a big oak tree. We then ate our lunch.

The day was still perfect. Clouds were in the sky and the sun was still blazing down upon us. All of a sudden... BOOM!!! “What was that?” I yelled out. The ground was shaking and I was scared to death. I realized that it was an earthquake and it was getting bigger and bigger. I ran as fast as a cheetah to Valerie and we tried to find a safe place to hide. Suddenly waves began and it was massive. “A TSUNAMI..... RUNNNN!!!!!!!” Someone yelled.

I looked around but it was hard for me to get my balance. Luckily for us Valerie found a cave. “Over here everyone.” The cave was the perfect spot for us to calm down. It protected us from the tsunami. Unfortunately it didn’t protect all of us. A boy name Crusader and Starford die because they were slow and they didn’t make it. I caught sight of Valeries brother, Jake trying to get hold of a branch. “Hold on Jake... I am coming.” Jake was waiting there for me and when I catched him I took him to the cave. My mind then went back to the beginning of the day. When I knew something bad was going to happen.  I looked outside of the cave and my eyes was bursting out with tears. I was so sad. When it was safe to exit out of the cave I ran home. I saw debris everywhere and my mum standing outside. I was happy that she survived.

The following week the rest of the students of Pt England went back to school and had a ceremony for all the people that died. All the parents and teachers cried, even the students. Some of us kids lost our teachers, friends and best friends. I prayed for the ones who past away and for their families. The hall was filled with flowers, pictures and upset people. Valerie and I were happy that none of our families died but also sad because lots of our friends died. I went over to Valerie’s house and we did something to get it out of our minds.