Friday, March 22, 2013

Homeless Lady Ends Up Being Rich (NARRATIVE)

Walking past shops and scanning to see if Angela could find the perfect dress for the dance. She couldn't find anything so she continued to walk. No shops were in sight but only a massive destitute building. She went on the other side of the building and to her surprise she saw a homeless solitary figure. Her mind was filled with many things. Should she help, should she stop and stare or should she go back and carry on with her shopping....

Angela decided to help. As she got closer and closer her visual of the old lady was clear. She saw that she covered herself with a large waterproof jacket. Under that was a red and black tartan skirt. Arrays of bag and luggage surrounded her.  Plastic bags filled with scraps sat next to her old worn shoes. Angela stopped and stared. Suddenly the old lady bursted out with a raspy voice. “Get lost! Please. I just want to be left alone.” Angela got a fright, she wanted to run off and get help but she stayed and tried to talk to her.

Angela found out that her name was Anna. She also found out that they have many things in common such as shopping, listening to music and much more. Angela looked at the time. It was getting late so she told Anna that she had to go. Anna looked starving though and Angela felt bad. She wanted to help. She tried to think of ideas when suddenly she remembered that she had an ice cream cup left in her bag. She offered it to Anna and she took it in delight. Angela said her goodbyes and went home.

Anna was coughing and realized she needed to go to the hospital. She didn't have the money though. She looked on the top of the ice cream cup and it said ‘If your cup says winner you have won the $50,000!!!’ Anna didn't think she would win so she ate it in sadness. All of a sudden she saw the letters ‘i and n’ and thought she had a chance. As she continued eating she saw that she was the winner. She left her only belongings on the floor and went to the shops. She got her 50,000 and went to the hospital. The next day Angela came back and saw no one there. Only a note saying ‘Thank you Angela for being a friend. Please accept this money.’ With the note she saw that Anna left her $200. Angela was thankful for Anna’s gift.


  1. Hey VIvienne,
    Wow! That was a great Narrative Story you wrote there. I really liked how you described your two characters Angela and Ana, it was really awesome. Keep writing awesome Narrative's, you did an amazing job.

  2. Hi Vivienne,
    Your narrative was very clever. Especially the ending, it was very nice to know the homeless lady won $50,000. Angela was very kind to do that for the lady. Would you do the same thing she did? Or would you have continued on with shopping? I think I would have helped the lady. I just hate seeing people miserble. Anyway, you used interesting words and your narrative contained a lot of detail. GREAT JOB!



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