Monday, March 25, 2013

A Poem Lesson With Joshua Iosefo

In February we had the privilege of working with the one and only Joshua Iosefo.  It was a great opportunity for us to learn how to write a great poem. Brown Brother the poem that made him famous has definitely inspired me to the be the best I can. If you want to learn how to write a masterpiece, continue reading.

So, the first thing to wake up our minds was to write a short poem about a sandwich. It could be a magical sandwich, the tastiest sandwich ever or the most awful sandwich in the universe. My title was ‘Is It Really A Magical Sandwich’. We started writing and when everyone finished we recited our poem to each other. This helped Joshua see how we write and how we use our words. We were in a small group which was easier for Joshua. Crusader, Darius, Shoal, Makayla and myself were all happy that we were chosen.

After writing about our sandwich we got serious and wrote about anything we wanted to write about. Crusader wrote about the dirty south, Darius wrote about his mum, Shoal wrote about music and Makayla wrote about art. I thought and thought until I realized what the perfect subject was.... Who I inspire.

After working with Joshua Iosefa we finally finished and added a bit of action into it. It was fun working with Joshua and I would like to say a big thank you to Joshua for taking the time to help us write an amazing poem. This is my poem that I wrote with Joshua...

He could sing to me every night,
and when he is finished he could turn off my light.
He could teach me dance moves when I am bored,
and if someone comes to bully me, he would roar.
But there is one sad thing about this person.
Hes not with us today and that's not awesome.
His music was black or white
and thrilling was his game,
but now that he is gone the world will never be the same.
A short conclusion is what i’ll say,
and its RIP MJ...

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  1. Wow Vivienne,

    Joshua Iosefo is an amazingly inspirational person and I'm glad you enjoyed your experience meeting him. You have written an awesome piece of writing which was a pleasure to read :)

    Thanks, Mr. Hutchings


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