Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Talented Man Named STKS Arrives At Pt England

It was an unexpected surprise when a talented man named STKS arrived to our assembly. His real name is Lau but he is usually known by his stage name STKS. He can sing, play the guitar, tell funny jokes and he can make funny noises.... Anyway, when he came out the crowed was cheering. Just by looking at him we knew he is going to be AWESOME!!!

He bursted out with a big HI!!! When he introduced himself it was funny and a bit confusing. Anyway, he came to sing to us, make us laugh and make us have a good time. Do you know anyway who can make a noise that sounds a bit like a trumpet? Its hard to believe but STKS can do that. He can sing really good, write his own songs and make people laugh. The only words to describe him is definitely fun and talented.

You know how there's different types of music genre. Well one of them is 'Rhythm and Blues' and STKS made one up really similar to that and its called 'Rhythm and Brown'. When he sings his own songs it is mostly under Rhythm and Brown. He finished singing and went off into the music room. Everyone was disappointed and wanted to see more of him. Even me! But we knew that assembly had to carry on so we sat in ore.

Sports was next and everyone was looking forward to it because of the sports that had happened on that week. Usually Ms V would come out and say "Hello school, today we have a lot of player of the day awards." But she asked if we could hear another song from STKS. STKS agreed with Ms V as well as us students. Ms V finished and everyone was excited even more to hear STKS sing one more brilliant song. He sang his last song and once again everyone was sad. "Not to worry, if your teacher allows it you can go on YouTube and see STKS and maybe leave a comment" Mr Burt said. Everyone's attention went to there teacher. It was like a Mexican wave when all the teachers said yes.

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  1. WOW!! Vivienne you did a very good job describing STKS and his awesome talents. I really liked how you explain what he loves to do and what kind of talents he does. STKS is really awesome and funny. Keep up the awesome writing, looking forward for more interesting writing.


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