Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Soccer and a minibeast

Hi my name is Vivienne and I'm in extension at Pt England school. This term we are learning about little critter (insect) In extension we had to pick a pick a person from a sport. For example if I chose netball I would pick Maria Tutaia. Then I would compare her to an insect. The sport I chose was soccer and the person I chose was Chris Jackson. This is what my movie is about and I hope you enjoy it. Try and guess what insect I chose.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


On Tuesday the lucky year 7’s received their netbooks. The netbook roll out has started so that means that every child from year 5-13 is getting one in our Tamaki cluster schools. The year 7's are the first people in our school to get their own netbook . They were all excited. I can’t wait to get my own netbook next year.

The benefit of the netbook is that we can work on our podcast, go on goggle docs and visit peoples blogs. You can also go on during the holidays. Since it is wireless you can work on it anywhere and anytime.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First week of swiming

“This is so cold” I told my friend Litia, as I put on my damp and clammy life jacket. Chris helped me pick a life jacket for me.Luckily it fitted snugly. Eagerly waiting to go in the pool I kept fidgeting around.

Chris is from the water safety NZ. He came to teach room15 about water safety. The portable pool he brought with him, is on the courts, which means you can move it from school to school.

As I hopped in the pool my teeth chattered and I shivered and shook.To make me warm I tried out the help position.The help position is one of the water safety tips. I floated on my back and I put my arms like a cross.

Latter on we had to get in a circle. When we were all connected we slowly put our legs up and floated. Chris gently rotated us and said “ This time you have to sing the National Anthem” As we sang Chris told us to turn down the volume down because we were out of tune and our voices sounded like thunder. “Finally we are finished” I said in my head as the song ended.

At the end we all hopped out of the pools, and we had to stay in the sun to be dry. I can’t wait to go in the pool again. It was fun. THE END