Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The inter zone netball game

"Today is the day for the inter zone netball games" I said to myself. When the second bell rang Mrs Nua said "Anyone who is in the inter zone netball team please come to the hall for a little meeting". As soon as I heard that I went straight to the hall. We went to the hall just to see who was here or who wasn't here. We also went to the hall to see if we had our gear ready. We had to have three boys on the court but we had one extra just in case one of the boys got hurt in the game. The names of the boys in our team were Starford, James, Dillon and Samuela. I was so excited that I couldn't wait!

Suddenly all the people in the inter zone netball team went to the walkway. When everyone was there we got changed into our uniform. Before we could go we had to eat our lunch to help us be fit and ready. Finally it was time to go to the courts and play. All of the boys went with Bobbie (Lepa and Starfords mum). Some of the year 5's had to go with Misi,and year 6 went with Mrs Nua including Rita. We went when it was playtime.

"Finally were here!" I said to Mary L. We saw the boys waiting. Then we went to the entrance and we waited and waited until Mrs Nua got here. When they finally reached us we entered the netball court.
The first thing we did was to find a place to put our bags down. As soon as we put our bags down we all sat in a line and waited for all the other teams to come. When they came we had to all listen to our coaches.

Our first game was at court 24. We vs St Patricks. We played our best and won. The score was 5-0. I was so proud that I thought that it was finished, but unfortunly there were 5 more games left." I hope we win this game?" I whispered to myself. We played on the same court but we vs Rupotaka.
Looking back it was an easy game because we worked as a team and got lots of intercepts. My partner from the other team was a good jumper, which meant I had to try get in front of him to get the ball. Our shooter missed a few shots but as a team we kept on cheering for her and she improved her focus and helped us win!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Of My Favourite Actors

One of my favourite actors is Selena Gomez Because in one of her movies she is really funny.My favourite movie that she acts on is Wizard of Waverly place.

Big Foot Adventure

Big Foot Adventure

In the morning I saw bikes and cones layed out in the court. There were lots of things outside like road signs and ramps. I thought to myself,"Why are those things out there?" and than I saw a van. It said Big foot adventure. Suddenly I remembered that today we were riding bikes. I felt so excited that I couldn't wait.

We listened attentively as Tony explained to us about bike safety. He told us the correct safety equipment,which was to make your helmet tight and wear the correct foot wear.He also told us to wear bright colours which is orange and bright yellow.

Apprehensively I wibbled and wobbled through the obstacle course. Tony explained to us "I am going to go through the course to show you were to go".
As he peddle furiously over the ramps and through the cones he also,pushed himself to the limit.

Suddenly Tony saw Adrienne coming to the obstacle course, so Tony decided to go to the courts and practice our hand signals.As soon as we got there, he showed us how we were going to show that we were stopping or to turn left or right. Before long we went through the course and practice. During our practice,some people wibbled and wobbled. It started to get harder and harder
because as we practice, we hand to look back and say what the picture was before we could do our hand signals.

At the end they gave out prizes to the best hand signals and to Senolita for fixing her chain. I got one of the prizes for the best hand signal because Tony
liked the way I showed ,I was going to go left, right and even stop.I felt happy that they came to teach us about bike safety.