Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home

My fun times in Australia is now over. Spending time with my dad and his side of the family was awesome. I am sure going to miss the fun times when we would play on the Xbox 360 all night, and finally realise what the time is. I am sure going to miss the fun time when we visited the city. I am sure going to miss the fun times going to the movies and watching new films that are out. I am sure going to miss the fun time when we visited Luna Park. But most of all, I am going to miss my family. Here are some of my memorise in Australia.

While we were in Melbourne my brother and I wondered about our family members in Sydney. I really wanted to visit them, but we knew we couldn't go by ourselves again so we just kept wondering. When our grandma walked in she had exciting news for me and my brother. She told us that we were going to Sydney. WE WERE SOOO HAPPY!!!

The sun was shining and it was approximately 48 degrees. There was nothing to do but sit in front of the fan and wait for the breeze to blow our faces. My brother and I tried to think of things to do but nothing could work because of the heat. We were just lazy to get up and play so we went to sleep. 20 mins later our dad walked in and saw how bored we were, so he quickly wiped up a plan. His plan was for us to have us much fun that can at Luna Park!!! That was the best plan, but if it was really hot then the plan was ruined. So we preyed.

The next day I opened the door and walked outside. It was perfect. I mean it wasn't freezing cold or extremely hot. It was just right! So our plans weren't ruined after all. We went to Luna Park and had a blast!!! Here are some pictures to prove it :)

That was only half of my adventure in Australia. There are more locked up in my head but for now it is over. I am happy to be home but also sad to leave. Saying goodbye to me family was hard. Even though I am going to see them in December tears still ran down my face. I can't until the day I get to visit them again!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Melbourne City

I have been spending the holidays in Australia and the view so far has been great. But last night totally blew me away. It had breathtaking views, entertainment and talented people. Because it was such a long night I will only tell you my favourite part that night.

The highlight of my night was a spray can artist. Unfortunately, I was unable to catch his name. Anyway, I knew this was going to be a great show. How? Well, his other paintings looked so real, my dad decided that my brother and I should stay and watch him. If you think I am making this up check out the painting that convinced my dad that we should stay...

You think this painting looks great take a look at the other painting he did. This painting was my favourite.
It is a bit to bright but looking at it in real life was awesome. I just couldn't believe he did this with spray cans. When we left, we couldn't stop talking about him. 

That was the highlight of my night and it sure was great. If you ever go to Melbourne, you should definitely check the city out. Trust me!!!