Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amazing Race At Camp

Off we go to our next activity. But I didn't know where to go, nor did our team leaders, so we went around asking the teachers. “Where does Team Respect have to go?” Miss Ellen searched for our group name on the time table then said to go to the marqee. I wondered what we were going to do there.

Mr Barks was taking this activity and when I found out he was in charge, I knew we were doing The Amazing Race. It’s day 1 and we are already getting into it. I was so excited to get started.

Our first challenge on The Amazing Race was to make a slingshot and carefully aim it in or on a bucket. The buckets, set at different distances, had numbers on them which were points. We couldn’t do it solo so we had to do it in groups of 4. The people in my group were Chante, Jay’Lee, Mary and Mubasshira.  This was a challenge to test your teamwork.

We retrieved a set of equipment that could be helpful to make a slingshot like a rubber innertube, newspaper, masking tape and a stick. It was frustrating to make the slingshot because it kept breaking, but finally it was fixed.

We were the first group to finish so that meant we were also the first group to operate. My goal was to at least hit 3 buckets, and when it was my turn I only had to hit 2 more. I pulled the rubber taut. You also had to have a steady hand. I spotted 100 in the distance but thought to myself there was no way I was going to get that, but when I let go of the rubber the missile went zooming like a meteor. It was hard for us to see but I saw it. I hit 100 and that was the first point for my team.

It was a great activity and I wish I could do it again. Our final score at the end was 1200.
We work as a team and played like a team.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leave A Positive Footprint

If you want a job in the future you would need a positive footprint. Future employers will google search your name and see all the things you have done in the past. If you have a negative footprint, like bad photos, bad comments they will defiantly not accept you.

Hope You Enjoyed My Movie!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Show Not Tell

Me and my friend Ashliegh have partnered up and have written a paragraph about us playing table tennis at camp. We had to write another show not tell with out describing us playing table tennis. Here is our writing.

Carefully I aimed the ping pong ball over the net to my opponent, who then returned the shot back to me. It was like a rally. When all of a sudden my opponent tried to do an ace but over shot the table. “Yeah. 1-0” I cheered.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Last Day Of Camp

OMG!!! We went to swimarama on our last day of camp and guess who we met? THE WARRIORS. All of us were excited especially the warrior fans. What were the warriors doing here I thought to myself? I finally realised that they were her to train.

Everyone was yelling out loud “Go the Warriors” and “WARRIORS, WARRIORS, WARRIORS”. Some people jumped into the water and followed them around. All of the warriors jumped in except... Kevin Locke. It was really loud because people were calling Kevin Locke to jump in but, as soon as he got a camera all the boys were posing like models.

At last there were pace and quite all because the warriors were gone. It was a great opportunity to met the warriors. I hope I can see them again.

Warriors on camp... from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Camp Reflection For Day 1!

It is the first camp for 2012 and it is going on great. I’m in Team Respect and our leaders are Mino and Cruz. The activities we have done so far is Box Fit, Tent Making, Old Skool Games and Amazing Race. Out of all of these activities I really enjoyed doing amazing race.

There were three different kinds of activities that were held on Amazing Race. My favourite was making a slingshot. Mr Barks was in charge of this event as well as Mrs Lagitupu (Teacher,Leader) The aim of this game is to try and slingshot a paper ball in or touching one of the buckets. Each box had a paper in front which would have a number. There was one of each 10,20,30,50 and 100!!! All of these numbers were actually points. That wasn’t all, we had to MAKE the slingshot in your groups and also your paper ball. My group was finish making our slingshot so we headed of to our aiming places.

Mary was the first person to try out our slingshot, but sadly it didn’t hit any of the buckets. Then out of nowhere I pulled back the slingshot with no control of the stick and let go. It was bouncing like a bouncing ball. I hit 100 I said in my head. I was so amazed and shocked. I pulled it back again, then, it broke. We had to make it again. It worked after a few shot but then it broke again.   
It was going out fine until it broke the third time, after that it was just a piece of junk.

I wonder what we are doing tomorrow. I just can’t wait.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Duffy Show

Duffy theater came to Pt England School to show us a play. It was funny and fun to watch. In class we were given a writing task. The task was to write about 1 particular scene, when Scruffy (Duffy’s little brother) wants to play rugby with Duffy, but Duffy is to busy. He is reading the best book in the world.

“Come and play with me! Please Duffy,” Scruffy, Duffy’s little brother begged. “Manu is here and he wants to play rugby but the teams are not even” he pleaded.
“Wait Scruffy. I am reading the best book in the world” Duffy pointed out.
“But Manu might go away if you don’t come.” Scruffy moaned. “Just wait Scruffy” Duffy said. Scruffy put his hands on his hips and stomped away.

5 minutes later Scruffy comes in beat boxing say a rap. After that he pleaded again “Common Duffy, Lets go and play”. “No wait. I haven’t finished reading” Duffy said. “Bbbbbbut Piri is here.” Scruffy said trying to make it convincing. “Where?” Duffy said in excitement. “Um over there.” Scruffy said. “Come Scruffy lets play” Pretending to be Piri. Unfortunately Duffy wasn’t fooled. “You know what, rugby players do fitness before they start to play rugby. They run around the field like 100 times.” He was trying to trick Scruffy into giving him some peace and quiet and it worked.

Dr Ben Carson

Dr Ben Carson was born in Detroit Michigan, America. He was raised by his mother who only had a third grade education and was married at the age of thirteen. Sadly when Benjamen was only 8 years old, his parents divorced and Ben’s mother Sonya, was left to raise the boys alone. She had 2-3 jobs at a time, to help provide things for them.

Dummy Dummy Dummy, that is what Ben’s 5th grade classmates would always call him, and because of this, he had a violent and uncontrollable temper. When their mother found out that her sons grades were plummeting, she was determined to help change her children’s lives by giving them a limited t.v watching time and make them read two books from the library, and write a review on it. But, because of Sonya’s poor education she could hardly read a thing, though she would try to give them a tick and make it look like she had read and marked their writing.

A few weeks later, Ben shocked his whole class by identifying a black shiny rock, it was called an obsidian. He remembered reading about it in a book. At that moment, he realised he wasn’t stupid. He was hungry for more knowledge. For this he needed to control his temper. A year later Ben was at the top of his class,  and it was all thanks to his mother, who pushed him to his limits. Now Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon and is trying to help other children, who have the disadvantage of living in a poor community, like he did when he was young.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Writing Sample For Our Picnic Day

Today is the 23rd of Feb, so that means that there is only 1 more sleep until our school picnic. “I can’t wait” I told my friend Jay’Lee. Our school picnic was going to be our first picnic for 2012. What should I do there? I thought to myself.

Today was the day. I was thrilled to go. We walked down there, with Mr Burt at the front and Mr Jacobson at the back. Its so cool that we have a beach right next door because that means when we walk down there it will only take about 5 minutes. 

When we finished our talk about the rules, I went straight to the softball area to have a little game with my friends. Gradually the field was filled with more boys and girls waiting to catch the ball. The batting was also filled with anxious people, waiting to smash the ball all the way back to Pt England. I was in the fielding side waiting to hopefully catch the ball. My strategy for this was to keep my eyes open at all times and to leap for the ball, only if the ball is in the air. Some people had a powerful hit, which made the fielding team run. At the end it was a fun game and it didn’t really turn out to be a little game, it turned out to be a nearly 2 hour game!

I got sick of softball so I went to our improved beach. It was awesome! All the little kids were splashing the parent helpers and also the teachers. Everyone was having a delightful day. My friend Jay’Lee and I went on the groyne. A groyne is a big rock made out of concrete, but, the brilliant thing about the groyne is that it was hand made by men (not real). Anyway me and Jay’Lee tried to make a sand castle but that didn’t turn out great, so we just wrote our names in the wet sand. 

Luckily the day was a success!!! Everyone is now tired and exhausted. Even though this wasn’t the best picnic ever, I still had fun and I enjoyed myself. I bet everyone did too.