Thursday, March 8, 2012

Duffy Show

Duffy theater came to Pt England School to show us a play. It was funny and fun to watch. In class we were given a writing task. The task was to write about 1 particular scene, when Scruffy (Duffy’s little brother) wants to play rugby with Duffy, but Duffy is to busy. He is reading the best book in the world.

“Come and play with me! Please Duffy,” Scruffy, Duffy’s little brother begged. “Manu is here and he wants to play rugby but the teams are not even” he pleaded.
“Wait Scruffy. I am reading the best book in the world” Duffy pointed out.
“But Manu might go away if you don’t come.” Scruffy moaned. “Just wait Scruffy” Duffy said. Scruffy put his hands on his hips and stomped away.

5 minutes later Scruffy comes in beat boxing say a rap. After that he pleaded again “Common Duffy, Lets go and play”. “No wait. I haven’t finished reading” Duffy said. “Bbbbbbut Piri is here.” Scruffy said trying to make it convincing. “Where?” Duffy said in excitement. “Um over there.” Scruffy said. “Come Scruffy lets play” Pretending to be Piri. Unfortunately Duffy wasn’t fooled. “You know what, rugby players do fitness before they start to play rugby. They run around the field like 100 times.” He was trying to trick Scruffy into giving him some peace and quiet and it worked.

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