Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Symbols About Me

Hello. My name is Vivienne and I am a year 8 student who attends Pt England school. I’m in extension with an awesome teacher named Mrs Tele’a.  We were given a task to finish by the end of this week. Our task was to draw 5 symbols that we like to do or symbols that represent ourselves. When we were finished we had to put it into comic life. I think this was an easy task to finish but it was just using our time wisely. This is my finished product.

Do you know what these symbols are? If you don't and you would like to find out, keep reading. Church, sports, family, music and youtube. These are all the things I really LOVE. Let me tell you why. Church, I love to go to church with my family and we love to find out things about the gospel. Sports, I am a sports freak. I love to participate in activities whether I'm the only girl or if there are only two people playing. Family, without them I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't have the things I have now. Music, believe it or not this makes me think properly. Youtube, this website is connected to music. I love to go on Youtube and find new videos and laugh at hilarious things. That is the end of my work. Hopefully I can get a good mark on this project. Fingers crossed.

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