Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redesignning My Netbook

Our task that Miss Ouano wanted us to do today was to redesigning our own netbook bag. It wasn’t for real though. Room 17 all did the bar key. B is for bigger. I made the netbook case bigger. A is for Add. I added a flat screen T.V, a D.V.D player, remote, wings and a mooter. R is for replace. I replaced the handle with a remote.

I made the netbook case bigger so I can put more things inside it. I add a T.V, a D.V.D player, a remote, wings if I loosed my remote and a mooter. I added those thing so life could be more fun. I replaced the handles because carry it is so boring. Instead of a handle I added a mooter and a remote so that it could follow me, turn on my netbook and control my T.V.


  1. Wow, it sounds as if this new bag might be quite heavy to carry around. No wonder it needs wings and a motor.

  2. thats cool sweeti, can you do the same to my labtop ;)

    love mum


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