Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

This is my third year using a netbook and I reckon my learning has gotten way better. Having it connected to the internet helps me a lot, because I have access to many more websites to help my learning and I can interact with friends during the weekends or holidays.

Having our netbooks connected to the internet have a positive and negative side.
POSITIVE- The positive side is that we can learn faster, better, and effectively with our netbooks. We also have access to share our learning with the world everyday. We can use Google to help us with our research, find interesting and new vocab and etc.
NEGATIVE- The negative side is that the internet can be slow at times and it may not work.
Other than that, having my netbook connected to the internet is an amazing way to learn.  

I have learnt many things from my teacher, friends, people from outside of school, and of course myself. My teacher Ms Lagitupu shows me more learning websites like Studyladder and Sum-dog. These websites are fun and help me learn faster. When I use Google docs it can help me with my spelling and find new words to make my story sound more effective.

Using learn, create and share is really important to us. Its part of what we do on our netbooks. We like to learn more about our subject on Google, Wikipedia, or other websites. We then put all our learning into a Google doc, Google presentation, Picasa, Vimeo, Flickr and many more. Then we share it with our family, friends, classmates, teachers, basically the whole world.

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