Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Year 8 Camp (Ashleigh, Makayla, Shoal and Me)

Shoal(Day 1): We spent 5 hours on the bus. In those 5 hours, we took an unnecessary walk on a dam. The teachers lied to us and said that we were going on a short bush walk when we got to camp Keswick. It ended up being 3.2km long and very tiring.

Makayla(Day 2): On day 2 we went to the Agrodome to see a sheep show and to see some farm animals. We also went to see a geyser called Lady Knox and the thermal pools.

Ashleigh(Day 3):On day 3 we were going to swim in the blue lake. It was cold but after a while I got used to it. After that we went to the hot pools and swam again. At the hot pools they had a trampoline the we could jump on to get higher while jumping in the pool.

Jasmine(Day 4):Day 4 we went to the luge were we went up the gondola. Going up the gondola was a bit boring because of the long ride up but the view was full of nature. Once we arrived up top we waited to go down the luge. The luge ride was fun.

Vivienne(Overall): To be honest our camp was alright. It was basically bootcamp. Everyday we would walk or run through the forest and it was not fun. And to top it all of, it was raining. But hanging out with friends was good. My highlight was definitely the Agrodome and the Luge ride.

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