Saturday, October 13, 2012

Camp At Willow Park Part 2

..........Other girls were trying to sing and the rest of the girls were quiet and just wanted to get off the bus (ME!).

"Finally." I said to my friends. We arrived at Willow Park. Seeing the playground, trampoline, mini golf, tennis court, gym, church and many more things was great to see again. We went into the dinning room with the boys right behind us. Mr Burt put us into our teams. I was very happy with my team.

Although it didn't have any of my friends in it I knew it would be much easier without them. Mr Burt explained the rules of the place, what we where doing today and introduced us to the owners. When he finished we straight away went into action... 

Finding my bag was a piece of cake but the hardest thing was going up the stairs. The stairs was a mission but luckily for me I had just enough energy to go to my cabin. When I opened the door to my cabin it looked just like my bed room. Anyway, I was the first person in my group to arrive in it which was GREAT!!! Why? Well, have you ever heard off first in, first serve? If you have well that was what happened to me. The bed I choose was a single bed right next to the window. One thing that impressed me was the view. You could see nearly the whole camp. It was awesome! One by one each member of my group came inside and slowly the best place to sleep went away. The last person that came up was Lesley (one of our team leaders). I felt sad for Lesley because she didn't exactly have the best spot. 

Anyway, we had older leaders which were basically ex-Pt Englanders. After that were even older leaders. Not that old though. Then comes the deans. Sort of like the second boss. Our dean was Cara and the boys dean was Jonacany. Obviously the boss of the whole thing was Georgie and Mr Burt. The leaders were split into the 8 groups. We had cool leaders and their names were Shania, Nu'u and Xaviar. They were fun to hang out with. 

When we finished placing our things in our cabin we went downstairs. Being the first group downstairs was a great way to earn MONEY. Not real money of course but monopoly money. I went downstairs and sat down. Slowly each team member of other teams came. "Hey Vivienne, where's your group?" Asked Ashleigh (Friend). "I don't know.... Oh there they are." I replied. "Sit up." Nu'u said. We sat up like a blink of an eye. Suddenly Mr Burt came to our group and said "Is Your Whole Team Here?" We said yes and out came $2. When other teams saw this they wanted Mr Burt to ask there group the big question. 'Is Your Whole Team Here?' Sadly Mr Burt just started to talk. 

"So right now we are going to go to the........"

To Be Continued

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