Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Do you know how too make a comet? Well not the real thing of course. With ice cream, cones, crushed biscuits and sprinkles, room 17 and 16 made comets.

Comets are objects that float in outer space. If a comet is close to the sun it melts. This is because it is made out of dust and ice and surprisingly, it has a tail. A comets tail can be in the front and in the back, but if it is in the front it would most likely be going away from the sun, but if it is at the back it will go towards it.

Step 1: Crush the biscuit by putting it in a bag then get a block and start smashing it.
Step 2: Put a scoop of ice cream in your hand, watch out though it might melt. The ice cream would be the ice.
Step 3: Outside sprinkle the crushed biscuits over it. This is the dust.
Step 4: Put a cone over it. The cone is the tail of you comet. Step 5: Sit back relax and enjoy your ice cream. That is how you make a comet.

When we finished, boy didn't we have a big mess outside. There was crushed biscuits all over our courtyard. Mr Sommerville would probably be the king of mess, if I had to explain him.

Our comets were delicious. I was even scavenging for more. At the end though, most of the kids that had seconds or thirds all felt sick.


  1. Hi Vivienne.
    Cool writing.I really like the you how you told the steps of how to make comets with ice cream and biscuts. You must've had lots of fun.
    Keep up the great work

  2. Hi Vivienne,

    What an amazing post, I really enjoyed reading this. I had been going through some other people's blogs from your class and I enjoyed theirs as well. I was wanting to know how to make it, thanks to you for putting up those instructions. I hope my class would also make something like this.



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