Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Longest Hike In The World

We got to Camp and believe it or not we got straight into it, with the longest walk. I would have rather went to sleep or even check out my cabin. That was because I was really tired from our bus ride.

Going up the hill made everyone tired. I wanted to stop but our leaders supported us to keep going. “ Are we half way yet?” I asked Tony (Helper) “No” he replied. I was shocked.

A pile of rocks were waiting for us at the top. As soon as everyone got there,Rita, placed a rock on the pile. Then she began her speech. Her speech was about our journey to the top and what exciting things that is going to come.

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  1. Hi sweeti...man you go on and on about some of the coolest thing you have done at camp...we're glad you enjoy your camping trip.

    Love Jordan and mum


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