Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tennis Coaching

Tennis is a common sport played in Spring and Summer. We started learning how to play tennis at school and boy was I excited about that. I couldn't wait.

When we got to the courts I felt a little bit nervous and excited at the same time. What if I miss the ball when someone serves it to me? If I did, I would probably be the worst tennis player in history.

Our coach, I mean our professional coach Marcel taught us how to do a forehand. A forehand was really easy. We learned how to do that hit in badminton all ready. All of us were pro's at it.

After learning the forehand we played a rally called King or Queen. It was like a real game of tennis. If you won, you would stay on and challenge another opponent. At the end if you were still the Queen or King you wouldn't have to do the awful punishment, which was 20 star jumps.

Tennis was a game I needed to play more often, because I LOVED it. It really got me going. I can't wait to play tennis again.

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