Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Makeover Courtyard Edition

This week my class Room 17 get to redesign our own courtyard because, right now our courtyard doesn't really look like a normal place to play in. We get into pairs which makes it even better. I am with Rita.

Me and Rita have chosen to add a Basketball hoop. We have chosen this because we want more kids to play in our courtyard. The second thing we have add was a garden. We like gardens because it looks beautiful and sometimes it smells nice. We think that planting flowers makes our courtyard more beautiful and might even bring more people to our courtyard.Picnic tables. We need picnic tables because on our deck we have prickles that sometimes go on your bum. We think that if we have picnic tables that no more prickles would came on our bum anymore.

I think we need a basketball hoop, Plant and Picnic table. This helps us to get more people to think that our courtyard is a cool place to play in. Basketball hoops is fun to play, Plants look pretty and picnic tables have no prickles

We were all like builders, we find out most of the prices off our ideas. Some of my ideas were found on trade me. Some off us even emailed the place to see if no one has bought it. One off the things me and my partner did was emailing Mr Jacobson. At the end I hope it goes out wonderful.

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  1. hi sweeti
    its me jordan, i love your courtyard design...wellllll done. ;)



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