Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tonga Wins Again But This Time Against France

Did you watch the Tongan vs France game? Well if you didn’t then I will tell you about it.

Well, one thing I was impressed by the Tongan team was when they did their Sipi Tau, their war dance. They did it sharp and proud. “They look really scared” my brother laughed.

Game time and the first score was by France. Tonga had great deafens but needed to improve on their attack. Not for long, the Tongan team came back, with them leading of a score of 13-6 in half time.

At the end the Tongan time took all the victory. The Tongan supporters were surprised and extremely happy, while the French team and the fans were guttered.

That is how Tonga won. Surprisingly the score was 19-14 at the end. Even though Tonga is not going to compete in the quarter finals we are definitely going to be competing in the 2015 rugby world cup.

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