Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country 2013!

Today was the day that most people from Pt England School were waiting for. But for me and my friends, it was the day we wish we were sick.  I arrived at school and the sun was blazing down. I knew today was the day. I walked into class and the topic ‘Cross Country’ was the topic everyone was talking about.

Time flew by quickly and it was time to get changed into our house colours. I’m in Mataatua which is green. I had a green t-shirt and a green jumper. When everyone finished getting changed they had to wait patiently for the school bell to ring, and when it did we had to sit down in our groups.

I was just about to sit down with the year 8 girls but Jasmine, (Helper For Mataatua) called me and my friend Brooklyn up to help them with their chants. We huddled together to figure out what our chants were. I looked at our opponents Te Arawa (Red), Tainui (Blue), and Takitimu (Yellow), and they were all huddled together as well. Finally Ms Va’afusuaga introduced our house colours to the school and we said our chants. At first we struggled, but we ended up saying it loud and proud. The other teams were loud as well, but I don’t think they were better than us. After that we were told to cheer for all the people that are in Mataatua. The 5 year old boys were first then went to the 5 year old girls then went on and on.

Watching people run made me nervous. It was like a thousand butterflies were invading my stomach. It was finally our turn to run. We stood behind the start line and got ready. Suddenly Mr Burt blew the hooter and we started running. I looked at the back and found out that I was coming last so I speeded up. As I pasted some of the year 8 boys, I could hear some people cheering me on. I continued to run the best I could.

My end result was 7th place. I am happy with my placing. I tried my best and I had fun. My highlight was definitely the mudslide and the big puddles. I hope next year, college’s cross country will be as fun as this years.


  1. Hi Vivienne,

    I liked your post about cross country it was really cool. Wow you came 7th thats awesome I don't know what place I came but I had loads of fun. Your post had some very good vocab in it. Keep up the great work.


  2. GREAT JOB VIVIENNE! 7th place is a really good result. I came 6th I think. I really like how you've described how nervous you were with the butterflies in your stomach part. Keep up the good work!



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