Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Diamond Age (Where all the 3D Printing happens!)

Three lucky students from our school (Pt England) were fortunate enough to travel down to Henderson, to a place called Diamond Age. This place wasn't just an ordinary place. This place known as Diamond Age creates 3D models. That's not all though. It also creates parts to create another Rep Rap.

Mrs Nua, Makayla, Shoal and I walked into the building with no expectations. My first step into the building created goosebumps on my arm. I was so excited yet cold as the cold air blew on my face. I looked around and saw Miria. Miria is helping us get a 3D printer in our school. Anyway, next to her was a man with long grey hair and denim jeans. His name was Vik and he was our tour guide.

Vik showed us the process of making parts for a Rep Rap. Then he showed us what I like to call TOYS! But he likes to call them 3D models.  Vik was so kind and generous that he let us choose one to take back to school. I got a plastic tennis ball. Shoal got a plastic slingshot and Makayla got a plastic lemon squeezer. All these toys were made from the Rep Rap that Vik made.

Our workshop with Vik was so fun. I wanted to stay there for the whole day but we couldn't. My highlight on the workshop was definitely checking out the toys. The fact that that small machine called the Rep Rap created those things just blew me away. I hope we get the chance to go there but with the whole crew. I know that they would be blown away too. Diamond Age (Where all the 3D Printing happens!)

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