Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Athletics 2013


Athletics. We had athletics last week on Friday and it was awesome! All though the weather finished off with showers of rain and we didn’t get to finish off our relays, I still had fun. I enjoyed my time hanging out with my friends, trying my best in all the activities and seeing everyone with a happy and smiling face. Here is my highlight, lowlight and most interesting part of athletics.

My highlight of that day would be doing the sack race and tug-of-war with Jonty. Its always nice to try something different in athletics. Most people went all out, while the others like me just thought that, that activity was just to relax and play around. It was still fun to see everyone having a great time though. I also enjoyed hanging out with Mrs Tele’a who was the teacher for the year 8 girls. She gave us little treats that would help get our energy back up.

My least favourite part of athletics was definitely sprints. Sprinting is not my favourite thing to do but I still gave it my all. In my first race I was pumped up and ready. I stood up and waited for my opponents to get ready as well. When all of a sudden “CLAP!!” I was not expecting the clapper to clap so early. But when it did, I realized I was still on the starting line and everyone was a head of me. I ran my hardest and catched up to some people. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough for me to qualify into the finals.

My most interesting part was watching the house relays. I cheered for my house colour, Matatua (Green). I looked at all of the racers and they were so focused. In the end of the race, Matatua (My House Colour) came 1st.

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