Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is what I wrote about. It is about being cypersmart. Me and Ashleigh wrote it. Hope you enjoy!!!

Snow White has just made the biggest mistake of her life, posting a photo of herself on her facebook page on in a whim. Her settings were on private and the only people that could see it was her friends... she thought but she was mistaken.

Her friends must have put the photo on another website, which was public. “ Oh no” She flippantly said to herself. She saw that everyone had seen her photo online, she felt mortified at herself. She tried to in vain it off every website she could find it on, but it was everywhere and now everyone could see it. “I give up” she sulked. Eventually it would go to her parents. “ How Embarrassing”


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  1. yes sweeti, think before you post, she might be U :)


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