Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Cross Country

 I love to run cross country. It is fun and challenging. I am always excited to do cross country until I found out something terrible about the track. It is 3k.

The treacherous track was wet and had lots of puddles. I had to be cautious while I was running because the track was unpredictable. How? I hear you ask... Well, first it started off with the muddy field, then a normal path, then puddles, then a bush walk. but this year I found out that the track was 3k. Not good...

Anyway, when I went through the finish line I was exhausted but also happy because I came 3rd. I am so proud of myself because I was determined and I persevered to the end. Next year my goal is to come 2nd or even 1st.

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  1. Hi Vivienne!

    Well done for coming 3rd in cross country. To be honest, you are really fit. I reckon that next year you can win. I really like this post because of the amount of powerful words you used to make your audience want to read like treacherous, unpredictable and more. Anyway keep up the great work and keep striving to succeed.

    God Bless

    Joshua(Rm 21)


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