Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Awesome Workshop

Last week on Thursday was a great experience for me. Why? Because the animators Ali and Maka from ‘Bro Town’ came to Pt England school and taught us how to make a zoetrope.  

First of all we got settled in the tusitala room. After that we had a short history lesson. Well not the boring history. The kind of history that was about animations. We learnt a lot of things and if you don’t believe me then read this. Did you know that the first ever animation was made in the year 1934?

Anyway, as I said in my first paragraph we made a zoetrope. What is a zoetrope though? I hear you ask. It is an animation made on paper. It is really cool to see but if your drawing is in the wrong place it turns out wrong. Luckily for me I drew it in the correct space.

My favourite part during the workshop was when we got to try it out. While Ali was spinning I was amazed. All my hard work payed off at the end. I can’t wait until another experience

Check out this movie about our workshop...

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