Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Special Visitor Visits Pt England

You won’t believe who came to Pt England. He has been on Campbell live, youtube and many more websites on the internet. Guess who? The one and only Joshua Iosefo. I was so excited, not only to see him but to hear him recite his Brown Brother. He inspired me and my friends to stand up and don’t listen to stereotypes.

I was so excited until my mouth opened and unexpectedly said to Ms Squires “Miss, Can I do the thank you speech?” NOOOOOO. Why did I say that. I wanted to take it back but then again I did want to tell Joshua what I thought about his poem. So I decide to do it.

We were waiting patiently for Joshua and his family to walk in. All of a sudden everyone turned around and stayed like that. Why is everyone facing that...... oh, I said in my head. He’s here. They sat down and Mr Burt began to speak....... "Now we are going to give the time for Joshua."

I am brown, brown like............................................ When he finished we all cheered and clapped. After that there were questions we had to get through.

To be continued...

In conclusion I would like to say thank you for Joshua and his parents for coming to our school. I have definitely learnt not to listen to stereotypes and to except a person for who they are. This was a great opportunity for our year 7&8 and wish to have another person like Joshua to come and visit.

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