Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mini Olympics

I ran to the hall like a cheetah, trying to dodge the rain. Sprinting to the hall and dodging the rain was no challenge for me though. Anyway, I saw everyone sitting down. As I walked in I started to scan the room for a sign saying: Mataatua 1. I found it and sat down. I waited and waited for something to happen.

It was Monday 3rd September, the day the year 5-8’s had an awesome sports day. Sadly, they changed the games because of the weather. The teachers decided to play inside games such as Jump Jam with Ms M, Cyber Coach with Mubba, Movie watching with Mr J, some more movie watching with Mrs Tele’a, relays with Ms Vaafusuaga and another relay with Mr Burt.

One of the activities I enjoyed was Movie watching with Mrs Tele’a. In this activity we had the opportunity to relax and watch old manaiakalani movies. At the beginning I felt really excited to see my friends looking young and with a cute voice. Anyway, as I said I was excited but as I watched the movies all of a sudden a movie with ME came on. “No. Please Mrs Tele’a don’t put that movie on” I begged Mrs Tele’a.
“Lets watch Vivienne.” Mrs Tele’a excitedly said. Everyone cheered and I tried to hide.

“Shot Vivienne. That was a pretty cool movie.” My friend said to me. I looked up and it wasn’t that bad. I wished I had had the confidence to watch that movie.

As I said we went around to different rotations and sadly that was our last rotation. Everyone went back into the hall and watched PENN (Pt England News Network). I really enjoyed our Mini Olympics and wish to have another one.


  1. Hi Vivienne,

    I really like this post. You have used very good and powerful vocab in your story to keep your audience hooked in to your writing and making them want to read it. You are a very good writer! I hope to be reading more interesting posts like this one. Keep up the Fantastic work Vivienne!

    God Bless
    Joshua (Who use to be in room 21)

  2. Hey Vivienne,
    I really love this post you used words that I love And you all so leave thoughtful comments. I like the words you use. It Encourager me to go forward with my Work, I can't wait to read more interesting post Keep up the great work and you will get the prize


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