Monday, December 10, 2012

Marshmallow Creature


Owls were hooting and the full moon was glinting on the lake. Zac came out of his tent with a bag of delicious marshmallows. He sat next to the campfire and started toasting them. The dark forest surrounded him. But behind him was another story. A creature that had yellow eyes and was probably 10 feet, stealthily swam through the lake. When it stood up it looked like a frog and a dinosaur put together. He saw Zac toasting marshmallows so it slowly creeped up to him.

A shadow covered him. Zac was curious what was behind so he turned around and to his surprise he saw a sea creature. “AAARRRGGGHHH!!” Zac cried. He didn’t know what to do but stand there with his marshmallow defending him. Nothing happened which made Zac confused. They stood there when suddenly the sea monster ate the marshmallow. Zac was terrified. But the sea monster started doing tricks like a dog. He searched the bag for more marshmallows. He pulled it out and to his surprise more tricks came bursting out of the monster.

The marshmallows were gone except for one. He left the last one on his hand. Suddenly Zac felt slime. He looked up and saw the sea creature. It ate his hand. Luckily the sea monster was only hungry for marshmallows. Zac was really scared from this point. Without marshmallows he knew the sea monster was going to get angry. So he ran for his life. The monster was right behind him though. Then Zac tripped over a twik. The monster was looking at Zac in a scary way. To solve this problem Zac gave the sea creature a pillow. He tricked the sea creature into thinking that the pillow was a marshmallow. Zac knew the sea creature was going to eventually find out so he ran faster than a cheetah. The sea creature on the other hand was roasting his fake marshmallow when sadly it went on fire and turned into ashes.

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