Monday, December 3, 2012

Year 7 Team Building

The year 8’s weren’t at school which left the year 7’s alone. There was nothing to do but work. Everyone looked bored and wished something exciting was going to happen. When all of a sudden Mrs Nua came and announced that we were doing team building. Some of my friends were wondering why so they decided to ask, “Why are we doing team building Mrs Nua?”
“We are doing team building to find out who are next years prefects are.” Mrs Nua replied. From that moment everyone was in mood of leading a team.

The list of the teams were up on the screen. Our mission was to look for all of the members in our team. When I found my team we sat down and waited for something to happen. The team I was in had 9 people including myself. Shoal, Serena, Dante, Nuima, Marvin, Kendrix, Ahsin, lorenzo and myself. We finally got settled into our teams. Then Mrs Nua instructed us what to do next. Our task was to create a christmas tree. It had to have 4 branches on it and had to be decorated well. Our task was to create a christmas with only the materials in the pile. We had newspaper, coloured paper, sellotape, 2 pairs of scissors and 2 fruit burst. First we struggled because we weren’t cooperating, but we got use to working together and finished with a good looking christmas tree. We ended up using all of our materials and finished with a good product.

We all went to the street and sat in our groups. Our next task was to place our christmas tree on the table and sing a christmas carol. In our groups we thought of a song to sing. We all decided to sing Jingle Bells. After hearing all the songs it was our turn to sing. It was a FAIL. Lucky for us Ahsin made it really entertaining. If I had to choose my favourite performance as well as the christmas tree I would choose, Mary L’s team. After that it was morning tea.

When morning tea was finished we lined up in our teams. When everyone arrived we found out that we were doing relays outside with Mr Barks. The fun thing about this relay was the slingshot part. We had to run to the other side and get the equipment. With the equipment we had to make bullets for the slingshots. Our team found out that I was the best person to do the slingshot and most of the girls were better catching. In the end we won, mostly because we cheated.

Well that was basically it. We had much more activities but these were the highlights for me. I hope at prizegiving I get awarded one of the prefects. I hope we can do this again.

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