Friday, May 31, 2013

Interface Expo In Ellerslie

A group of people from room 21 went to the Ellerslie Convention Centre for the ICT Interface Expo. Shoal, Makayla, Darius, myself and of course our teacher (Mrs Lagitupu) went to make a short film about the day. We left school round about 8:00 am and came back to school at 4:30 pm. It was a great thing to experience as we had the opportunity to interview Greg Adams, the editor of Interface magazine.

There were many technology stands but my favourite stand was the 3D  AnimationPrinter System. There was a lot of interesting things there such as a 3D lady and 3D skeleton. There were many things that I liked about it, especially there gum. IT WAS YUMM!!! Anyway, it was definitely the highlight of the day.... Seeing new and cool things.

Greg Adams.... As I said in the beginning, he is the editor of interface magazine. He invited us to the interface and that's how we got there. He emailed Mrs Burt as well as Mrs Lagitupu about the details and we were on our way. We had to interview the gold sponsors but mostly Greg Adams.....

This is a short summary of the day, but you will be hearing more about it soon... I hope you get the chance to buy one of Interface's products.... Thank You For Reading!!!

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  1. Hi Viv

    I was so excited when this opportunity came your way and I knew that you were just the people for the job.

    I have never had the opportunity to attend this Expo myself. You are lucky to have done so.

    I am waiting with barely concealed impatience to see your movie :)

    Mrs Burt


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