Friday, May 3, 2013

Term 2 Is Coming

Well, holidays is nearly over and term 2 for school will be coming really soon. I am happy because one: I can't wait to see my friends and two: this holiday was SOOO BORING!!! My mum had work like everyday and instead of the late nights and waking up really late, me and my brother had to still sleep and wake up early. It was basically waking up for school. Then instead of spending time with my mum, I had to go to my cousins house and stay there until 5:30 pm. Not to be sad, but its really boring there. Thats why I am looking forward going back to school.

I really want to learn about the different career choices we can do in the future. Like, people coming to our school and showing us what its like being a doctor, veterinarian, fire-fighter  police man and other interesting jobs. I think it will be great to learn about the different choices we can take for a career. It would also be good for us year 8's as it can help us with what subjects we have to take in college to become what we want to become. To me, this will be the coolest topic ever. I think I would call it 'What I Want To Be When I Grow Up'. I know though, any other topic they have planned for us is still going to be great and is going to help us learn more about the topic given to us.

I so can't wait for school. Seeing by friends and teacher. Term 1 has gone so fast and was great. Hopefully term 2 is going to be even better!!!

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