Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 2- Riverside Camp at Willow Park

Waking up in my cabin and seeing all my friends felt unreal. I couldn’t believe it was the holidays, and that I was spending the first week here at Willow Park with all of my friends. Anyway, we woke up and we had to do fitness! You didn’t know what to expect when it came to fitness. It could be a long run on the beach, cyber coach (Jump Jam) or even running up the stairs. In my case the only thing I wanted to do was cyber coach which was a lot like jump jam. Mr Burt decided to be nice and chose Cyber Coach.

Our first fun activity for day two was WATER GAMES!!! Peter came up with four water games for us to play. My favourite one was Protect Your President. In our teams we had to select a president and protect him/her. P.O.B’s (Princesses of Bel-Air) president was Khaia. The aim of the game was to wet the other teams president yet, keep your own president safe and dry. But there was one small problem, no one knew who was the president of each team. Well that was the aim of the game, but when I looked around, it looked like everyone was playing G.Y.O.B (Get Your Own Back) water styles though. So, I joined in with everyone and started throwing sponges at anyone I saw.

My highlight of day two though was Spotlight mixed with Capture the Flag. We were given glow sticks, we like to call them our life force. Our mission was to get to the other end where Jarred was. Once we were there, he would draw a mark on our hand and we had to go back and try and do it again. Sounds easy! But, on our way to Jarred there would be some obstacles known as the leaders with the torches. If they caught us we would have to give our life force (Glow Stick) to them and go back to the hospital, where the nurse will give us another life force (Glow Stick). It was easy for us to make it to the other side because we played at night and it was hard for the leaders to see. Ashleigh and I made it once and we were really happy. The hooter was blown and we went back into the Rimu room and tallied up the score. I can’t remember which girls and boys team won but all I know was that everyone had fun.

It was time for us to get ready for the TTB (Toilet Teeth Bed). Once everyone was finish it was lights off, and once my head hit that pillow, I was out. Being sooo tired made me be the first person to fall asleep in our cabin. I knew tomorrow was going to be another fun an exciting day for us!!!

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